The Librarian Files


A Mountain AKA Sentinel Peak
AARP | American Association of Retired Persons – 55 Alive
ACLU | American Civil Liberties Union
Adoption Resources
Advance Directive Registry—Arizona
Aerial Photos of Tucson
Affordable Housing
AIDS—Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation
Airplane Crashes—Tucson and Vicinity
Alcohol – Legal Drinking Age
All Souls Procession
Alvernon—Origin of the Street Name
American Community Survey
Amphibians and Reptiles—Pima County
Amusement Business
Animal Group and Sex/Gender Names
Animal Sterilization for those with Low Income
Antiques and Collectibles – Appraisal & Repair
Appendix Quarter Horse
Area Codes
Area of Pima County
Arizona "C's"
Arizona Administrative Code
Arizona Balladeer
Arizona Birth Records (1855 – 1941)
Arizona Commerce Authority (ACA)
Arizona Corporation Commission
Arizona Death Records (1870 – 1966)
Arizona Department of Economic Security (DES)—Directors
Arizona Department of Real Estate (ADRE)
Arizona Geological Survey Library
Arizona Health Rankings
Arizona Landlord Tenant Act
Arizona License Plate—Visibility Law
Arizona Multihousing Association (AMA, formerly AMHA)
Arizona Population: Historical and Current
Arizona State Budget
Arizona State Flag
Arizona State Game Violation Hot Line
Arizona State Officials Salaries
Arizona State Symbols
Arizona Statehood Day
Arizona-Mexico Border Length
Arizona—Shape of the State
ARMs—Adjustable Rate Mortages
Artists—Showing Your Work
ASTM Standards
Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD or ADHD)
Audio-Visual (Video) Equipment Rental
Augie Acuña Los Ninos Park—Origin of Name
Authors with Tucson Connections
Automobile License Plates—Replacement
Automobile Prices
Automobiles—Flood Damaged Vehicles
Automobiles—Safety (Recalls, Crash Tests)
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Babysitting Classes
Backward Parking in Tucson
Bad Checks
Bank Problems
Bank Ratings
Barking Dogs
Barraza Aviation Parkway—Source of Name
Barrio Blue Moon
Barrios in Tucson
Barry Sadler
Bat 21
Bats and Hummingbird Feeders
Bats in Tucson
Bee Removal
Beer Bread
Ben’s Bells
Best Doctors in Tucson
Bicycle Diversion Class
Big Apple - Origin of Name
Bills—How to Deal with Bills You Cannot Pay
Birds—Pima County and Southern Arizona
Birth Announcements and the Arizona Daily Star
Blue Line near the Joel D. Valdez Main Library
Bonillas School—Name Origin
Boy Scouts—Died in Snowfall in Santa Rita Mountains
Brands for Cattle
Brands—Finding a Company that Owns a Brand
Building Codes
Buildings—Tallest in Tucson
Burial on Private Land
Butterfield Stage—Tucson Station
Butterflies That Appear During the Monsoon Season
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Cactus Bikini
CANAMEX Trade Corridor
Canine-Wild Animal Hybrids
Capital Punishment in Arizona
Capitals of the Arizona Territory and State
Casa de Bernie Sedley—Name Origin
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