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We support gardeners from beginner to expert, and help you learn how to grow, harvest, and save seeds. Learn more about our history and sponsors.

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Now Sowing: Sunflowers (Feb-Aug)

It's Sunflower Season! Did you know sunflowers are one of the fastest growing flowers in the world? That big flower is actually…

Three Sisters Planting

Three Sisters planting refers to a 5000-year-old method of mixed-crop gardening by American Indigenous cultures. 

Seed Saving is Repairing a Painful Past for Native Americans

This article from modern farmer shares the importance of seed saving in a Native American community.

Now Sowing: Eggplant

Use your library card to check out some eggplant seeds. We have plenty to share!

Seed Library Volunteer Orientation

Jun 22nd | 8:30am - 9:30am
Share your love of gardening with others by becoming a Seed Library volunteer.

Arizona Gardening Series: Seed Saving for Beginners

Jun 27th | 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Learn the basics of seed saving including why we save seeds, how to select seeds for saving, and which plants are the easiest to harvest.

Now Sowing: Tepary Beans (July-Aug)

Teparies are drought tolerant and grow under extremely dry, hot weather conditions and alkali soil.

One Seed, One Community: Sunflowers

Participate in One Seed Pima County by planting and growing Black Russian Sunflowers and donating a portion of your harvest to the Library.

Now Sowing: Basil 🌿 (March ~ Aug)

Basil likes 6-8 hrs of sunlight and well-drained soil. Plant seeds and seedlings 6-10” apart, cover with ¼” of soil.

Want to inspire your inner plant lady?

Our Seed Library gets a nice shout out in this article on! Get inspired by local women who love to plant.

Garden with E-books!

Discover gardening in our downloadable ebooks! Grow edibles for you (or your cat!), learn to save seeds, and get inspired.

Growing Edibles in Pots & Containers!

Get started or hone your skills at container gardening. This list has guides, techniques, and ideas for you to learn to grow anything.

Now Sowing: Peppers

Sweet bell peppers can make your dish even better! Pick up your seeds today.

Children Discover Growing Seeds!

Planting and growing things is for all ages!

Homegrown Comeback

Our very own Seed Library is recognized as part of a community-wide effort to tackle food insecurity and poverty in Southern Arizona.
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