Biblio Lotus

Biblio Lotus

Our Mission

Biblio Lotus supports and values the culture and voice of our Asian communities in Pima County by providing resources and programs and by establishing ongoing partnerships with Asian organizations therein.​

Our Vision

A blooming Asian community, represented in the culture and operations of the library system.

Our Values

Diversity - We honor the dynamic and rich Asian cultures.
Inclusion - We raise our own voices and honor one another's.
Education - We inform and connect staff to community.
Community - We share culture and knowledge within and outside of the library system.

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Biblio Lotus Picks, News, and Events

Introducing Biblio Lotus!

We're proud to announce Biblio Lotus, a team whose vision is a blooming Asian community, represented in the culture and operations of PCPL.
PimaLib_JessicaP said:

Did you ever wonder, "what would a manga series in vignettes about a former Yakuza leader who quit The Life to become the Absolute Best Domestic Caretaker…

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PimaLib_SarahB said:

This is a stunningly beautiful picture book about a fox in the wintertime. The high contrast colors enhance the wildlife described in terse sentences,…

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Chinese Fiction in Translation

From classics to science fiction, same-sex love to mystery, day to day life to revolution, here are works of Chinese language fiction.

Japanese Fiction in Translation

These Japanese originals can be found at PCPL in English. From classics to moderns.

Picture Books with Asian Characters

Pick up one of these great picture books featuring Asian and Asian-American characters to share with your little readers!

The History and Impact of Chinese Entrepreneurs in Arizona

2 online talks: Multiculturalism in the Borderlands: The Wo Family of Benson, and Pershing’s Chinese: Asylum Seekers amid Chinese Exclusion.

Picture Books by Asian Authors/Illustrators

Here our some of our favorite titles by authors/illustrators of Asian descent.

#StopAsianHate: Fight Against Anti-Asian Racism in America

On March 16, a gunman shot and killed 8 people—six were Asian American women working. These give insight into the Asian-American experience.
PimaLib_XuanZ said:

Lali wants to find a home for the lost little feather. Described by Rooster, Crow, and Peacock as little, pokey and plain, the feather is still Lali's…

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PimaLib_XuanZ said:

This non-fiction children's book talks about the rescue of the Thai Soccer Team trapped in a cave during monsoon season in 2018. Through realistic illustration,…

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Free online learning event: Bystander Intervention

A talk about the types of disrespect that Asian & Asian American folks are facing right now using a tool we call the spectrum of disrespect.

Free community lecture on March 23 - Sign up now!

The talk will examine the merging of fighting "anti-Asian violence" with the promotion of "Black-Asian solidarity" in the context of COVID.

Korean Cooking

Try out a classic Korean recipe, like bulgogi, hobakjuk, or pajeon. Or cook up something new with a modern Korean spin!

YA Centering Asian Characters

Here are some great stories focused on the lives and experiences of teens and young adults of Asian descent living all over the world.
PimaLib_BiblioLotus said:

Little Laxmi was laughed at because of the little hairs on her lip. Does she have a mooch (Hindi word for mustache)? Is it ok for girls to have mustache?…

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