Binghampton was a Mormon community located along the Rillito River north of Tucson.

This community started in 1916 and disappeared in the 1960s. Binghampton was bounded by Kleindale Road on the north, Fort Lowell Road on the south, Richey Boulevard on the west and Alvernon Way on the east.

The community was name after Erastus Bingham Jr., a veteran of the famed Mormon Battalion in 1846.

The original Binghampton Cemetery still remains, located north of Fort Lowell just west of Alvernon. The cemetery dates from 1899.

The Brandi Fenton Memorial Park is located in this area of Pima County. This 63-acre park is named after Brandi Fenton, a 13-year-old girl who was killed in an automobile accident in March 2003.  In this park are a visitor’s center and five historic buildings from Binghampton.

One of the buildings is an 1898 Binghampton home, often referred to as the Davidson Place.


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