Airplane Crashes—Tucson and Vicinity

The plane crashes listed below involved military airplane crashes in the Tucson area.  This is not a total lists of all of the military airplane crashes in Tucson.  The crashes on this list involved fatalities and had an impact on Tucson.

Bomber Crash (outside Tucson at the time—now inside Tucson city limits)

Two B-24 bombers crashed just outside Tucson on November 30, 1944 at 7:40 a.m. The two airplanes had a mid-air collision. Eighteen crew men died in the crash. The location of this crash was in the Pantano Wash, at a point half-way between East Broadway and East Speedway.


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Jets Crash over Mount Bigelow

On July 8, 1957 two F-86 Saberjets from Davis Monthan collided over Mount Bigelow. Both pilots ejected from their planes and survived. The remains of one of the jets landed in a remote area of the Catalina Mountains, so the plane's remains are still there. If you hike on the Butterfly Trail in the Catalina Mountains you can see the wreck.


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Jet Crash into Food Giant supermarket

A U.S. Air Force Phantom Jet crashed into a Food Giant grocery store in Tucson on Monday, Dec. 18, 1967. Four people died. (The address of the Food Giant grocery store was 1830 South Alvernon. Near East 29th Street and South Alvernon.)


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Jet Crash by the UA near Mansfield Junior High.

An Air Force Jet crashed on October 26, 1978. Two people died. (The address of Mansfield Junior High is 1300 East 6th Street.)

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Cessna crash into home

A Tucson man who had not flown an airplane since 1995 died Sunday, September 16, 2001 when his single-engine Cessna crashed into the garage of a Northwest Side home. A woman in the home escaped injury.


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