Valuable Tucson Gem and Mineral Show Purchase

In February of 1986, a Texas gembroker, Roy Whetstine bought a gem stone that was alleged to be a valuable stone. Originally it was reported that Whestine bought a 1,905 carat sapphire worth $2.28 million for $10 at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show. Whetstine and the stone were featured in People magazine, the New York Times and the Joan Rivers Talk show. But follow-up stories proved that the stone was not as valuable as originally reported. It was eventually reported that the stone was probably only worth a few hundred dollars.


"Stone, bought for $10 at Tucson Gem Show, now appraised at over $2 million." Arizona Daily Star. November 13, 1986. Page B1.
"Texas gembroker bought $2.28 million rock (905 carat sapphire) for $10." Arizona Daily Star. November 14, 1986. Page B12. Internet site article:

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