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June 20th is World Refugee Day

Put yourself in another person's shoes by reading books about the refugee experience.

Autistic LGBTQ+ Characters

Autistic individuals are FAR more likely to identify as queer than the general population. That's why June 18th is Autistic Pride Day.

Aprendizaje de Verano - Imagina Nuestra Historia

¡El programa de este año incluye muchas cosas divertidas para niños, adolescentes y preadolescentes!

Emigration, Immigration, and the Road in Between

These middle-grade novels depict the lives of immigrant children.

What are you doing that’s creative this summer?

We invite youth up to age 18 to create art & stories that reflect what you experienced in the last year and what you imagine for the future.

Understanding the Women's Suffrage Movement

The 19th Amendment giving the women the right to vote was passed 102 years ago. These—for all ages—are about the Women's Suffrage Movement.

Imagine Our Story Destinations: Buffalo Soldiers Memorial

The next time you are visiting the Quincie Douglas Library, stop by the new Buffalo Soldiers Memorial Monument.

Tween Pride 2021!

There is an abundance of representation for our community spanning all age groups. Check out this list of newer LGBTQ+ fiction for tweens.

Global Arts Showcase: Asian American music, culture, & dance

Watch now! Global Arts Showcase celebrates the diverse communities, cultures, and people that make Southern Arizona special.

Imagine Our Story Destinations: Buenos Aires Wildlife Refuge

Pronghorn in Pima County? Coatimundis? Ringtails? YES! Only 60 miles southwest of Tucson is the Buenos Aires Wildlife Refuge.

Watch Apollo 11 on Kanopy

With never-before-seen footage, APOLLO 11 takes us straight to the heart of NASA's most celebrated mission that first put men on the moon.

Imagine Our Story Through Dance

Dance helps us understand one another and ourselves, while helping to build community and connection.

Hope will never be silent

Harvey Milk said, "Hope will never be silent." In celebration of Pride Month, here are books Pre-K through grades 8+ with LGBTQ+ characters.

Summer virtual Code Clubs start June 17!

Have you tried Prenda Code Club yet? This summer's virtual Code Clubs start soon!

Imagine Our Story Destinations: Biosphere 2

Discover and visit the various locations on our reading tracker to learn more about culturally and historically significant local places.

It's time for Summer Learning!

This year's program includes lots of fun stuff for kids, teens, and tweens!
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