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Audiobooks: Staff Picks Masonry Block

Listen to the Love: Audiobook Retellings of Classics

Need something happy to help you through the days? Check out these romantic (though not always romance) audiobooks.

Surviving in a changing world

Characters in these downloadable books survive (or not) a world that changes around them.

Short Story Collections from Our Audio-Download Resources

In these novel times (pun intended), short stories are special in their ability to grab us from the start & transport us to other worlds.
PimaLib_ChristineR said:

Please keep in mind I write my reviews from the perspective of an adult, but I genuinely enjoy reading YA, Teen and Middle School books. Whichwood is a…

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PimaLib_ChristineR said:

A completely enjoyable romp of an urban fantasy, Black Heart is the final book in The Curse Workers trilogy, and yes, you really do need to read the other…

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PimaLib_ChristineR said:

I'll be honest, I clumped Girls of Paper and Fire in with the "X of Y and Z" novels, (e.g. A Court of Thorns and Roses, or A Curse So Dark and Lonely)…

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Big Library Read: Funny, You Don't Look Autistic

Join thousands of readers around the world who are taking part in the Big Library Read starting March 30.

Listen to audio essays: To Serve the People

Follow LeRoy Chatfield's journey alongside Cesar and Helen Chavez and countless others organizing communities. Free and always available!

Teen Titles To Read From Home

Take a look at some YA titles we have as eBooks and Downloadable Audiobooks you can read directly from home!

Read Harder 2020: Books that take place in a rural setting

If you're taking on the Read Harder Challenge in 2020, here are some titles that fill the bill for books taking place in a rural setting.

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PimaLib_ChristineR said:

Note: This review may have spoilers for White Cat, book one in the Curse Workers trilogy. The second book in the Curse Workers trilogy continues the story…

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PimaLib_ChristineR said:

Crooked River is another cool Pendergast installment and I will continue to argue that they should drop the Gideon Crew books and focus here. In Crooked…

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The Weekly Waitlist: March 15, 2020

Are you waiting for The Poet, The Other Mrs, The Jetsetters, Where We Come From, or The God of Small Things? Try these!

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