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Pima County Public Library
101 N. Stone Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85701

Reception desk: (520) 594-5600, M-F 8a-5p
Infoline / Renew by Phone: (520) 791-4010
Fax: (520) 594-5621

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Our Vision is an educated, connected community of readers, learners, doers, and dreamers.


Education We learn and teach every day.

Excellence We exceed expectations.

Freedom We defend the right to read and to know. We are free and open to all.

Diversity We serve everyone. We find strength in celebrating our differences.

Innovation We dream big. Anything is possible.

Community We work with our community to improve lives.

Passion We love what we do.


We transform lives by educating, inspiring, and connecting people.

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Banned Books Weeks 2019

Support individuals' freedom to seek and to express ideas, even those some consider unorthodox or unpopular.

Upcoming Trans, Non-binary, & Queer+ Poetry Workshops

No registration and no poetry experience needed! Three libraries will offer free workshops with TC Tolbert, Tucson's Poet Laureate.

Calling All Teen Artists! Teen Art Contest is Open Now!

The 2019 Worlds of Imagination Art Contest is open to teens who like to draw sci-fi, fantasy, comics, or manga themed art. Enter by Sept 30!

The greatest thing about unlimited audio? This. Book.

Until a few months ago, I hadn’t listened to an audiobook in...a really long time. I would occasionally start one up to work on a project,…

Publishers decisions mean bad news for ebook lovers

Make your voice heard... Help us fight these changes by contacting the publishers today!

We're all about people, not algorithms

"Here we are, being human and reaching out to other humans." -Library Associate Rachel Garman in this month's AZ Daily Star column.

Some Like It Hot: Chilis, the Spice Of Life

What? No harissa, sambal, or gochujang? No sriracha, zhug, or deggi mirch? No hot sauce of ANY kind?!

The most disturbing show on television?

Is The Handmaid's Tale the most disturbing show on TV? Can’t say for sure, but I know one thing: It is the most disturbing show I watch.

Celebrate Read an eBook Day on September 18

If you've haven't tried eBooks, today's the perfect day. Borrow a favorite, find something new, or pick something completely random to try!

An excerpt from Jacob Tobia's "Sissy"

Read this excerpt from "Sissy" then mark your calendar for our 21st annual LGBTQ+ author series on October 16 featuring Jacob Tobia.

Planning for college? Apply early!

Going to college is like planning a vacation. You want to go somewhere nice, you want to be able to pay for it, and you want good memories.

Althea Gibson Gets a Statue at US Open

"Over the course of her staggering career, Althea Gibson vanquished barriers standing in the way of African-American tennis players."

Get back into school mode with Kanopy!

Kanopy's tagline is "Thoughtful Entertainment," so have fun while you're learning all about everything under the sun.

This weekend is for buying books!

Discover your next great read at the  Friends of the Pima County Public Library Book Sale this weekend!  

Why the Library's a great place if you want to go to college

I think the library is an excellent place to go for help getting into college, and here’s why.
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