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Pima County Public Library
101 N. Stone Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85701

Reception desk: (520) 594-5600, M-F 8a-5p
Infoline / Renew by Phone: (520) 791-4010
Fax: (520) 594-5621

Library Hours & Locations


Please note:

Dusenberry-River Library is closed while improvements are made to the Library’s interior. We expect to reopen in mid-June, but a final date has not been confirmed.


Director / Directora: Amber Mathewson, (520) 594-5650

Deputy Directors / Sub-Directores
Karyn Prechtel-Altman, Public Services & Community Engagement, (520) 594-5605
Michelle Simon, Support Services, (520) 594-5654 (español)

Library Service Managers / Administradores de Servicios Bibliotecarios
Kate DeMeester, Public Services - Branch Administration, (520) 594-5560
Brenda Limón-Condit, Library Personnel Manager, (520) 594-5623
Beth Matthias-Loghry, Programs and Partnerships, (520) 594-5613
Sharla Ronstadt, Public Services - Branch Administration, (520) 594-5606
Amy Rusk, Public Services - Branch Administration, (520) 594-5607 (español)

Library Locations, Hours, and Branch Managers

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Our Vision is an educated, connected community of readers, learners, doers, and dreamers.


Education We learn and teach every day.

Excellence We exceed expectations.

Freedom We defend the right to read and to know. We are free and open to all.

Diversity We serve everyone. We find strength in celebrating our differences.

Innovation We dream big. Anything is possible.

Community We work with our community to improve lives.

Passion We love what we do.


We transform lives by educating, inspiring, and connecting people.

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I could list a hundred reasons why I love what I do

"Just because we’re in a small town doesn’t mean we can’t have fun." - Madian Romero, Library Associate, Caviglia-Arivaca Library

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