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Pima County Public Library
101 N. Stone Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85701

Reception desk: (520) 594-5600
Monday-Friday: 8 am–5 pm

Infoline: (520) 791-4010
Monday - Friday: 9 am–5 pm

Fax: (520) 594-5621

Library Hours & Locations



Director / Directora: Amber Mathewson, (520) 594-5650

Deputy Directors / Sub-Directores
Karyn Prechtel-Altman, Public Services & Community Engagement, (520) 594-5605
Michelle Simon, Support Services, (520) 594-5654 (español)

Library Service Managers / Administradores de Servicios Bibliotecarios
Kate DeMeester, Public Services - Branch Administration, (520) 594-5629
Brenda Limón-Condit, Library Personnel Manager, (520) 594-5623
Beth Matthias-Loghry, Support Services, (520) 594-5613
Sharla Ronstadt, Public Services - Branch Administration, (520) 594-5606
Amy Rusk, Public Services - Branch Administration, (520) 594-5607 (español)

Library Locations, Hours, and Branch Managers

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Our Vision is an educated, connected community of readers, learners, doers, and dreamers.


Education We learn and teach every day.

Excellence We exceed expectations.

Freedom We defend the right to read and to know. We are free and open to all.

Diversity We serve everyone. We find strength in celebrating our differences.

Innovation We dream big. Anything is possible.

Community We work with our community to improve lives.

Passion We love what we do.


We transform lives by educating, inspiring, and connecting people.

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About Us masonry block library news cards

Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego honors World Refugee Day

Watch on Facebook as Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego reads Sugar in Milk by Thrity N. Umrigar to celebrate World Refugee Day

Big Library Read features The Quiet Girl

Big Library Read is a global eBook club, sponsored by OverDrive, that encourages everyone to read the same eBook at the same time.

Stories from Before: Pursue it with all you've got

Delta Development is one of three American companies building and distributing blood heating and cooling units and ventilation adaptors.

The Magic Teacher and Alba

We've invited youth to share their creative works with us this summer. Enjoy this story written, illustrated, and narrated by Alba P.

Forever Free: Juneteenth Then And Now

June 19 is a special day in American history, particularly in the history of black Americans. What are you doing this Juneteenth?

Aprendizaje de Verano - Imagina Nuestra Historia

¡El programa de este año incluye muchas cosas divertidas para niños, adolescentes y preadolescentes!

Love Letter to My Library: Melissa M. and family

You allowed us to learn, travel, heal, escape, feel rich and connected all while stuck in our home." - Melissa M.

Literary Fathers and Daughters: Take the Quiz

Father's Day didn't become official until 1972 but fathers have always had a place in literature.

What are you doing that’s creative this summer?

We invite youth up to age 18 to create art & stories that reflect what you experienced in the last year and what you imagine for the future.

Imagine Our Story Destinations: Buffalo Soldiers Memorial

The next time you are visiting the Quincie Douglas Library, stop by the new Buffalo Soldiers Memorial Monument.

Get Started with eBooks and Libby, the One Tap Reading App

Watch to learn how to Get Started with Libby to borrow eBooks and digital audiobooks from OverDrive or to learn expert tips and tricks!

Juneteenth collection on Kanopy

With Juneteenth around the corner, head over to see a collection that honors & celebrates the emancipation of those who had been enslaved.

Have you seen I, Tonya yet? Watch it for free on Kanopy

Starring Margot Robbie, Sebastian Stan, and Allison Janney, I, Tonya is a dark comedic tale of American figure skater, Tonya Harding.

Stories from Before: It's magic!

"There is no magic when one no longer believes." - Hilda Lewis

Global Arts Showcase: Asian American music, culture, & dance

Watch now! Global Arts Showcase celebrates the diverse communities, cultures, and people that make Southern Arizona special.

Imagine Our Story Destinations: Buenos Aires Wildlife Refuge

Pronghorn in Pima County? Coatimundis? Ringtails? YES! Only 60 miles southwest of Tucson is the Buenos Aires Wildlife Refuge.

The Library denounces racism and violence towards people of color.

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