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Reading Arizona: Digital Arizona Library eBooks

Arizona residents can read free eBooks that are compatible with iOS, Android, and Kindle.

Coming to the 2020 Tucson Festival of Books

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What we're reading!

Here's a list of books the members of the LGBTQ+ Services Committee are reading. Maybe you'll find something to add to your reading pile!

Read Black Love 2020

The romance genre can be overwhelmingly white sometimes. Read some romance novels by Black authors this year.

Together We Read! Now through March 4

Borrow the eBook Lean on Me by Pat Simmons via OverDrive to join the national book club, Together We Read, running now through March 4.

Strengthen Your Garden Soil

Discover how the invisible (yet powerful) realm of garden soil affects you and your family's health, plants, and the broader environment.

Authors with February Birthdays!

Find a new author from this selected list! One title has been chosen for each author in a variety of formats.

The Weekly Waitlist: February 16, 2020

Here's what to read while you wait for Just Mercy, Dear Edward, If You Tell, Lost, or Sisters by Choice.

The Ripped Bodice Awards 2020!

The L.A. Bookstore's new romance award: The Ripped Bodice Awards for Excellence in Romantic Fiction. Let's celebrate the first winners!

Read Harder: Romance Edition

Here are books that can help you combine Read Harder goals, whether you are a regular romance reader or interested in trying something new.

Cowboys and Romance

Tucson Rodeo season will soon be upon us...and Valentine's Day too! Why not combine the two?

Historical Books about Arizona!

Celebrate Arizona's 107th birthday on Feb. 14 by reading these.

OverDrive & Libby Apps

Feb 28th | 2:00pm - 5:00pm
Bring your tablet or smart phone and learn how to download free eBooks, audiobooks, and view selected videos with library apps.

Drop-In Help with Library Digital Resources

Feb 29th | 10:30am - 12:00pm
Learn how to use digital ebooks, audiobooks, movies, magazines, music, and language-learning apps.

Ready, Set, Hold: Spring Romance

Get on the holds lists for books coming out this spring, so you'll be the first to get them when they're released!


Apache warrior Geronimo’s death anniversary is Feb 17. He was the last Native American leader to formally surrender to the US on Sep 4, 1886

One-on-One Ebook Help

Mar 19th | 11:00am - 12:00pm
Learn to use the library's RBdigital and Libby apps. Reserve your spot to learn to read, listen to, and watch digital media for free.

Get Started With True Crime

Keep in mind the title "Get Started With True Crime" applies only to the reading of books and not to the pursuit of criminal activity. 😉
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