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Are you waiting for Wolf Pack, The Mister, Redemption, The Bird King, or It's Not Supposed to Be This Way? Try these recs while you wait!
The Nebula Awards recognize the best works of scifi and fantasy published in the US each year. See this year's winners here!
The Great British Bake Off changed me. I thought for a while that bread would, at best, make me sick, and might at worst, kill me.
PimaLib_NormS said:

I am admitting right here in this public forum that I dig grammar and punctuation. (I am especially fond of commas.) I may speak like a bumpkin in search…

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These books are coming to theaters this month. If you like to read before you watch, get workin'!
Looking for something to read while you wait for that bestseller? Check out these readalikes that are available now or sooner.
PimaLib_ChristineR said:

In There There, Orange writes of an Indigenous band, "the problem with Indigenous art in general is that it’s stuck in the past. The catch, or the double…

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PimaLib_ChristineR said:

Augh! This book! I felt like the relationship angle was played up far too much in the first two books, so this book made downright stabby. Contrived…

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Need something to read this month? Check out these book recommendations from the Ravenous Readers team!
Still waiting for those big-ticket books? See what you can read in the meantime.
PimaLib_ChristineR said:

Well, I have to say I didn't see that one coming! I don't know how well I can review this without spoilers, but here we go... This book was a terrific…

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PimaLib_AmyK said:

With the current trend of researching one’s roots (Ancestry.com, “Finding Your Roots” on PBS, etc.), this is a timely book. Dani Shapiro has written a…

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Season 5 of Amazon Prime's "Bosch" will premiere on Friday, April 19. I can't get enough of this character!
Books, reference work, storytimes, reader's advisory, and shelving aren't the only things these librarians love.
PimaLib_ChristineR said:

Pearson writes really strong second-halves. The book begins where Kiss of Deception left off: Lia has been taken to Venda as a prisoner and Rafe has come…

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PimaLib_ChristineR said:

I'm going to be up front here and say that the star off is for a mystery novel that doesn't solve the mystery! I don't like that this wasn't done in one…

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