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Romantic ebook retellings for teens and adults

Looking for a familiar story with a new face? Check out romantic retellings of classics, myths, and fairy tales, all available in ebook!

Short guide: RBdigital eBooks

This quick video will guide you on how to find an e-book and check it out from the library using RBdigital.

The Weekly Waitlist - March 29, 2020 - More eBooks!

Try these eBooks while you wait for The Hero, Dark Towers, Little Fires Everywhere, No Exit, or The Night Watchman.

Surviving in a changing world

Characters in these downloadable books survive (or not) a world that changes around them.
PimaLib_ChristineR said:

Please keep in mind I write my reviews from the perspective of an adult, but I genuinely enjoy reading YA, Teen and Middle School books. Whichwood is a…

Read more of this comment about Whichwood

The Weekly Waitlist All-eBook Edition: March 22, 2020

Try these eBooks if you're waiting for In Five Years, High Achiever, No Honor Among Thieves, My Dark Vanessa, or The Things We Cannot Say.

Big Library Read: Funny, You Don't Look Autistic

Join thousands of readers around the world who are taking part in the Big Library Read starting March 30.

Instant Access to OverDrive EBooks Without a Library Card

You can now get OverDrive ebooks even if you don't yet have a library card.

Teen Titles To Read From Home

Take a look at some YA titles we have as eBooks and Downloadable Audiobooks you can read directly from home!

Read Harder 2020: Books that take place in a rural setting

If you're taking on the Read Harder Challenge in 2020, here are some titles that fill the bill for books taking place in a rural setting.

Read MARCH on RBdigital

Read the entire MARCH trilogy by Congressman John Lewis on RBdigital. The books are always available with no holds or waiting.

Superhero Comics on RBdigital

Read up on Marvel Comics (and a few other superheroes) on RBdigital! There's never any waiting, just read on your computer or device.

Digital Food Magazines on RBdigital

Need some cooking inspiration? Flip through a few digital magazines on your computer or device anytime.

Read Digital Comics with RBdigital Comics!

If you're looking for some new comics to read, look no further than RBdigital Comics! And there're never any holds or waiting!

Read Marvel Comics online with RBdigital!

If you're looking for some new comics to read, look no further than RBdigital Comics! And there're never any holds or waiting!

Read Online Magazines with RBdigital!

If you're looking to stay up to date, look no further than RBdigital Magazines! And there're never any holds or waiting!
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