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Music: Masonry Card Collection

Six Degrees of Tom Waits

Tom Waits has been making music for 50+ years. Here's some of his work and some by people who influenced him and some he's influenced.

Driven by my Podcast of the day

Inspiration can come from many places, including the the drive home!

Women Who Rock on Qello Concerts

Check out these videos featuring awesome women, available via Qello Concerts, which you can access anytime with your library card.

Browse the E-Library from A-Z

Looking for a handy A-Z list of all our free online resources? From homework to research to fun, we've got you covered.

Freegal: Download Free Songs and Stream Now!

Download five free songs every week, and they're yours to keep or stream to your heart's content. Now with 24-hour streaming through 2020!

Niche Academy - Library Tutorials

Explore video tutorials that teach you to use research, homework, eBook, & streaming library resources available for free with your card.

Qello Concerts

Watch full-length concerts, music documentaries, and live streaming events on supported devices including Roku, AppleTV, and more.

Drown Your Sorrows With '90s Women of R&B

Whenever I need to wallow (or lift my spirits), I go straight for the good stuff: R&B from its best decade. All songs are free on Freegal.

The iPad is TEN! Let's Celebrate with Library Apps

April 3 marks ten years of the iPad, and we’re celebrating by telling you about the apps you can use to make the best use of the library!

Freegal Música en Español

Una guía de descargar música a través de Freegal usando su carta de la biblioteca.

Short guide: Qello concerts

Want to watch some music concerts? Learn how to use Qello in this short video.

Short guide: Freegal music downloads

This quick video shows you how to quickly download a song from Freegal using your library card.

We Got the Beat!

Musicians come in all shapes, sizes, & colors. Celebrate Black musicians & the beautiful music they created with instruments & their voices!

Survey the Night Sky

We now have a telescope at the Miller-Golf Links Library! To get ready for stargazing, try these out.


It's the rainy season here in Tucson (or, as my friend puts it, "Tucson for Tucsonans"). Here's a list of rain-themed books, movies, & music

If you liked Beethoven's Hair

Interested in more than just his hair? Find out more about the life and times (and music!) of Beethoven.
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