Chicken Every Sunday—Location of the House in the Book

Rosemary Drachman was the author of a book about growing up in Tucson called Chicken Every Sunday.

The original description of the location of her family home is: ". . . when they built, there wasn't a house between us and the Catalinas to the north. About a mile away to the east was the university. A half-mile to the west was the Indian School and the Roskruge Grade School, where I went. . . . Uncle Harry, Father's brother, said, 'I think you two are crazy to build so far out. The town will never catch up with you.'" –Rosemary Drachman Taylor, describing her family in 1906, in Chicken Every Sunday (Quoted in Arizona Daily Star article, Oct. 24, 1999)

The address of her family home is 35 E. University Boulevard.

A picture of the house was published in the Arizona Daily Star in August 2007.


"The Drachmans." Arizona Daily Star. August 5, 2007. Page E5.

Research by Joel D. Valdez Main Library Reference Staff, May 2006.

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