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  • To readily connect our patrons and staff to information (both physical and digital) to educate and inform their optimal mental health.
  • To reduce stigma often associated with mental health issues so that our patrons and staff feel empowered to seek whatever help they need.
  • To be a bridge of information to our community partners, who can further assist with their expertise.


  • A community that feels more at ease discussing mental health as a part of their overall health, and has greatly freed itself of the stigma that surrounds mental health topics so that they feel ready to reach out for help and know that they are not alone.


  • Diversity: We honor that everyone has their own story, and that one person’s mental health needs will be different from those of another. We strive to work across age groups, ethnicities, and socioeconomic status by working with affinity teams and service levels to best meet the needs of each group.
  • Inclusion: We include all in our mission to optimize mental health in our community.
  • Education: We strive to continue educating ourselves with the goal to connect patrons to mental health education and support.
  • Community: We are welcoming, open, and ready to connect our patrons with the information they need to maintain good mental health.

Synapse Picks

Synapse Team supports the community in mental wellness

Oct 26, 2022
PCPL has launched its newest affinity team. Synapse aims to create a community that feels at ease discussing mental health without stigma.

"Wherever words fail, music speaks."

Music is multisensory—sometimes just hearing a song can conjure up emotion, improve your mood, or alleviate anxiety.

Surviving the loss of a loved one after suicide

Read about surviving the suicide of a loved one, recognizing suicidal signs, and memoirs of those who've survived their own attempts.

Personal and professional wellbeing

Read about thriving, psychological safety, mental agility and self-compassion, and other ways to support your wellbeing at work and home.

Postpartum Depression

Are you or someone you know suffering? It's okay. It's not your, or their, fault. This list has online resources for finding help.

988 Lifeline has increased usage by 45% in its first months

With its success comes additional funding to better support 988 services in tribal communities.

Reading about Anxiety

Different experiences and expressions of anxiety are covered across these titles.

Building Resiliency During College

College is a great time to build resilience, or one’s ability to cope with adverse situations. This article highlights four ways to do so.

The Well-being of our Students is in Jeopardy

From 2013 to 2021, the number of students reporting feelings of depression increased 135 percent.

Regulating the Fear Response

The findings of a recent study help may help explain why some people are quicker to forget fearful memories.

Teen Novels with a Mental Health Theme

Here are some novels, courtesy of, with a mental health theme. These novels are for a teen audience.

Graphic Novels with a Mental Health Theme

Here are some graphic novels with a mental health theme. Many of these titles are for a teen audience.

Dearest you...

During Mental Illness Awareness Week, these words are for those of you out there who are struggling.

National Depression and Mental Health Screening Month

This blog post about National Depression and Mental Health Screening Month and ADHD Awareness Month—both of which fall in October—was…

You don't need a degree to help friends in crisis.

Peer Responders is a program that trains teens on how to respond to peer crises—in and out of school.

Suicide Prevention and Awareness

The Synapse Team at PCPL wants to mark this month by highlighting an organization that advocates for youth mental health.

Universal Class: 500+ Online Courses

With 500+ courses on topics from conflict management to baking essentials, you can spend countless hours learning to your heart’s content.

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Sign up for Universal Class with your library card to take free online courses.

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The Library's Synapse Team
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