• To readily connect our patrons and staff to information (both physical and digital) to educate and inform their optimal mental health.
  • To reduce stigma often associated with mental health issues so that our patrons and staff feel empowered to seek whatever help they need.
  • To be a bridge of information to our community partners, who can further assist with their expertise.


  • A community that feels more at ease discussing mental health as a part of their overall health, and has greatly freed itself of the stigma that surrounds mental health topics so that they feel ready to reach out for help and know that they are not alone.


  • Diversity: We honor that everyone has their own story, and that one person’s mental health needs will be different from those of another. We strive to work across age groups, ethnicities, disability and socioeconomic status by working with affinity teams and service levels to best meet the needs of each group.
  • Inclusion: We include all in our mission to optimize mental health in our community.
  • Education: We strive to continue educating ourselves with the goal to connect patrons to mental health education and support.
  • Community: We are welcoming, open, and ready to connect our patrons with the information they need to maintain good mental health.

Synapse Picks

Synapse Team supports the community in mental wellness

Oct 26, 2022
PCPL has launched its newest affinity team. Synapse aims to create a community that feels at ease discussing mental health without stigma.

A giant list of mental health resources

#ThisIsTucson has compiled a list of mental health resources in Tucson, including emergency counseling services, support groups, and more.

What is hurkle-durkle?

Quite simply, it’s a trend that is teaching people to embrace rest. So, go ahead and hurkle-durkle. It’s good for you!

Mental Health & Wellness: New Adult Nonfiction & Fiction

This list contains content and/or library materials that cover mental health and wellness topics. Some topics addressed may be triggering.

Hungry for Connection

Library programs are part of a national strategy to combat a major public health epidemic: loneliness

Libraries and Loneliness

Libraries need to remain places where everyone can see themselves—because feeling seen and understood is critical to feeling that we belong.

Meet Morgen of the Synapse Team!

"At the end of the day, the only person one owes anything to is oneself."

Our college students are struggling, we need to help them

When it comes to setting students up for success, resilience may be the most important skill we can encourage them to develop.

Nice News

It’s simple… visit Nice News and enjoy a daily dose of positivity

Graphic Novel Gems: Children's Mental Health Experiences

These 15 graphic novels for children address mental health and mental health challenges in an approachable, accessible way.

Introducing Mental Health Minutes

The Synapse Team and the the Southern Arizona Psychological Association present video interviews about common mental health concerns.

Mental Health Minutes

Join Pima County Public Library Synapse Team for some Mental Health Minutes.

Meet Amy of the Synapse Team

"I don’t believe in settling for the bare minimum, especially when it comes to my mental health." - Amy

Children's books recommended by NAMI

These children's books on various topics are recommended by NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness).

Setting boundaries when you’ve never been taught how.

What if your family’s cultural values don’t embrace the concept of boundaries? Here are 14 tips for boundary setting this holiday season.

Taking care of my mental health around the holidays

With the holidays comes an increase in mental health challenges. Having a plan to handle this tumultuous time of year is essential.

Universal Class: 500+ Online Courses

With 500+ courses on topics from conflict management to baking essentials, you can spend countless hours learning to your heart’s content.

E-Library highlight

Sign up for Universal Class with your library card to take free online courses.

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