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  • To readily connect our patrons and staff to information (both physical and digital) to educate and inform their optimal mental health.
  • To reduce stigma often associated with mental health issues so that our patrons and staff feel empowered to seek whatever help they need.
  • To be a bridge of information to our community partners, who can further assist with their expertise.


  • A community that feels more at ease discussing mental health as a part of their overall health, and has greatly freed itself of the stigma that surrounds mental health topics so that they feel ready to reach out for help and know that they are not alone.


  • Diversity: We honor that everyone has their own story, and that one person’s mental health needs will be different from those of another. We strive to work across age groups, ethnicities, disability and socioeconomic status by working with affinity teams and service levels to best meet the needs of each group.
  • Inclusion: We include all in our mission to optimize mental health in our community.
  • Education: We strive to continue educating ourselves with the goal to connect patrons to mental health education and support.
  • Community: We are welcoming, open, and ready to connect our patrons with the information they need to maintain good mental health.

Synapse Picks

Synapse Team supports the community in mental wellness

Oct 26, 2022
PCPL has launched its newest affinity team. Synapse aims to create a community that feels at ease discussing mental health without stigma.

Meet Jusdina of the Synapse Team!

In this blog series, you'll meet members of the Library's Synapse Team. Today, we're excited to introduce you to Jusdina!

Powerful books about depression

The authors listed here know what it’s like to suffer from this often-untreated illness, and opened up in memoirs & novels about depression.

I wanted to be part of that kind of organization

"I may not be able to make the whole world better, but I can make my corner better." - Jana B.

You are not alone

Pima County's Health Department has launched a new initiative to address the mental health impacts of COVID-19 on K-12 students and faculty.

Children’s Mental Health – break the stigma

It’s not easy to tell others your child has challenges managing their thoughts or feelings. This video offers support.

"Are you okay?"

This animated short film was named 2021 Best Animated Short at the LA One-Reeler Film Festival.

Stories of disability

This book list is in honor of Judy Heumann who led the fight for disability rights. Heumann recently passed away at age 75.

Access NYT for free for articles reporting on mental health

The Times regularly reports on mental health and wellbeing. You can access their coverage free with a library card.

Kirk-Bear Canyon Library's Sensory Program makes news!

Kirk-Bear Canyon Library's Sensory Program was recently covered by local news station KOLD. Take a look!

Relatable, reliable recovery information encourages people to find the support they need, or to help their loved ones encourage and support help-seeking.

Health Navigators help connect you to local health resources

To find health resources, please complete this form and our Health Navigators will contact you within 14 business days.

Creating inclusive places for everyone

Lit Hub’s Jess deCourcy Hinds asks how literary spaces can support neurodivergent readers and writers.

Middle grade recommendations for mental health

Our friends at School Library Journal have put together this list of tween reads that discuss mental health issues.

A unique sensory program at Kirk-Bear Canyon Library

Jan 09, 2023
With its specialized play experiences, the expanded sensory program is the first of its kind within the Pima County Public Library system.

Everything You Need to Know about Grief and Loss

This article delves into the deep toll bereavement takes and how it affects the people who go through it.

Universal Class: 500+ Online Courses

With 500+ courses on topics from conflict management to baking essentials, you can spend countless hours learning to your heart’s content.

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The Library's Synapse Team
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