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Help a Student by Donating Toward Tuition Assistance for Career Online High School

You can give a motivated student a second chance at success by making a donation toward tuition assistance.

Career Online High School is offered at no cost to the student. The Library covers the costs of the program structure itself, but needs donations for tuition assistance to keep the program running.

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Donations of any amount are accepted. Please put "Career Online High School" in the "Special requests for donation" field on the donation form.

Why This is Such a Great Program

Libraries around the country use Career Online High School to strengthen their communities. San Diego Public Library has already graduated students from their online program. Here are a couple of success stories.

Kirk, a 52-year-old man who went to 10th grade in high school reflected, "I'm the only one of all my brothers and sisters who didn't graduate from high school. I want to do this because this is something I told my mom I would do. Even though she's not alive today, I want to still keep my word."

Cindy, a 49-year-old woman who completed 11th grade said, "I've got the experience, but I don't have a diploma. I can't get promoted in my job unless I get a diploma. I am so eager to get started, because this opens up more opportunities to me."

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