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June 20th is World Refugee Day

Put yourself in another person's shoes by reading books about the refugee experience.

Autistic LGBTQ+ Characters

Autistic individuals are FAR more likely to identify as queer than the general population. That's why June 18th is Autistic Pride Day.

Teen reads for World Refugee Day

According to the United Nations, "every minute, 20 people leave everything behind to escape war, persecution, and terror."

Aprendizaje de Verano - Imagina Nuestra Historia

¡El programa de este año incluye muchas cosas divertidas para niños, adolescentes y preadolescentes!

Literary Fathers and Daughters: Take the Quiz

Father's Day didn't become official until 1972 but fathers have always had a place in literature.

What are you doing that’s creative this summer?

We invite youth up to age 18 to create art & stories that reflect what you experienced in the last year and what you imagine for the future.

Comics - Pages of Pride

This Pride Month, try these excellent comics with LGTBQ+ characters and themes.

Understanding the Women's Suffrage Movement

The 19th Amendment giving the women the right to vote was passed 102 years ago. These—for all ages—are about the Women's Suffrage Movement.

Imagine Our Story Destinations: Buffalo Soldiers Memorial

The next time you are visiting the Quincie Douglas Library, stop by the new Buffalo Soldiers Memorial Monument.

Books Whose Blurbs Made Me Sad

While working on a project, I got a lot of books. Some of them, just their blurbs make me sad. So if you'd like a sad read, look no further!

Global Arts Showcase: Asian American music, culture, & dance

Watch now! Global Arts Showcase celebrates the diverse communities, cultures, and people that make Southern Arizona special.

Imagine Our Story Destinations: Buenos Aires Wildlife Refuge

Pronghorn in Pima County? Coatimundis? Ringtails? YES! Only 60 miles southwest of Tucson is the Buenos Aires Wildlife Refuge.

So You Have Questions...

Try these non-fiction books all about exploring and understanding one's identity and sexuality.

Watch Apollo 11 on Kanopy

With never-before-seen footage, APOLLO 11 takes us straight to the heart of NASA's most celebrated mission that first put men on the moon.

Health Dept offers Lottery scratchers to boost vaccinations

Most County-affiliated vaccination sites will give lottery scratcher tickets through June after you get your vaccine shot.

Revisiting the novels of John Steinbeck

Did you know "Tortilla Flat" was published 86 years ago? Have you read it? How about others by the Nobel Prize winning author?


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