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The Weekly Waitlist: April 11, 2021

This week's list is from our Personal Reading Assistant, Aphrodite Jenkins!

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Ready, Set, Hold: Spring Romances

Spring is here (and so is the sneezing!) and it's time to make your place in line for some great romances coming out in April, May, & June!

The Weekly Waitlist: April 11, 2021

This week's list is from our Personal Reading Assistant, Aphrodite Jenkins!

How to Write a Poem

This collection of books about how to write poetry has something for aspiring poets of all ages and those who teach them.
PimaLib_JessicaP said:

I have wildly conflicted feelings about this book. On the one hand, I am wary of the line we draw in oppressor/oppressed or colonizer/colonized romantic…

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National Pet Day is April 11

While our animals were happy to have us home more in 2020, they also brought us joy, love, and companionship as we faced new challenges.

From Seed to Seed: Seed Saving for Everyone

Here's a bounty of seed centric resources curated by one of your local seed librarians to address every "seedy" question you might have.
PimaLib_JessicaP said:

"Hail (hail), what's the matter with you...." Who do you envision when you hear that song? (If your answer is Star-Lord, I mean, sure. That's legit.) If…

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Indian Civil Rights Act Enacted on April 11, 1968

The history, cultures, and nations of Indigenous Americans have been purposefully subjected to governmental campaigns of complete erasure.

Be Money Smart!

April 10-17 is Money Smart Week! Learn new tactics for managing your money!

YA novels written in verse

These YA novels written in verse are powerful.
PimaLib_NormS said:

Some books just reach out and grab you by the synapses, you know? Debora Harding’s heart-wrenching memoir, “Dancing With the Octopus: A Memoir of a Crime”…

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Wow! What a game!

UA Women's Basketball Team came so close... the final score 53-54, with Stanford winning. The Cats fought until the end and did amazing!

Chinese Fiction in Translation

From classics to science fiction, same-sex love to mystery, day to day life to revolution, here are works of Chinese language fiction.

Rainbow Reads Book Chat - March 2021

The Rainbow Reads Book Club met and exchanged a lot of excellent book recommendations! The majority are LGBTQ+ themed, but some weren't.

The Weekly Waitlist: April 4, 2021

We’ve all had it happen: You hear about a book & go to your local library to find it, but dozens of people are ahead of you on the waitlist.

Japanese Fiction in Translation

These Japanese originals can be found at PCPL in English. From classics to moderns.
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