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Skinny Books

Reads for teens that are interesting and short!

We Love You, Tucson - Happy Birthday!

Tucson turns 244 years old in August! Learn more about Tucson with these fabulous books!

The Weekly Waitlist: August 18, 2019

What to read while you wait for One Good Deed, Labyrinth, What Do We Need Men For?, The Gifted School, and Wanderers.

Fast-Paced Diverse Suspense

Pick up the pace with some page-turning thrillers with diverse characters who find themselves racing against the clock.

Books Worth A Look! August 2019

Cool new titles, hot off the presses, picked by your PCPL Collection Development staff.

Women in Nonfiction

Works written by women, about women, or both. A random collection of recommendations to highlight the true stories and histories of women.

Ravenous Readers Staff Picks: July 2019

Need something new to read? Check out these book recommendations from the Ravenous Readers team!

Navajo (Diné) Code Talkers Day

Are you interested in learning more about the history of Navajo Code Talkers? Check out this list of books, DVDs, articles, and audiobooks.

The Waitlist: August 11, 2019

Here's what to read while you wait for True Believer, Protect the Prince, Ask Again Yes, Semicolon, or Lady in the Lake.

Read and Watch: Adults

Read the book. Watch the movie. Tell us which you prefer.


It's the rainy season here in Tucson (or, as my friend puts it, "Tucson for Tucsonans"). Here's a list of rain-themed books, movies, & music

If you liked Beethoven's Hair

Interested in more than just his hair? Find out more about the life and times (and music!) of Beethoven.

True Stories of Wrongful Conviction

The recent Emmy nominated "When They See Us" is based on the true story of 5 young Black men wrongly convicted for a rape in Central Park.

Carry On, Wayward Reader

Sing along to this list of YA novels with familiar titles!

(Mostly) Furry Friends in Large Print

Animal friends can teach us a lot about ourselves. Grab one of these books in larger print at a PCPL library today.
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