Arizona State Officials Salaries

Salaries for Arizona state elected officials are a matter of public record.

See FY 2011 Appropriations Report Salary Adjustments for State Employees Since FY 2002 1/ page 2opens a new window (PDF)

Governor - $95,000
Secretary of State - $70,000
Treasurer - $70,000
Attorney General - $90,000
Superintendent of Public Instruction - $85,000
Corporation Commissioners - $79,500
Mine Inspector - $50,000
Supreme Court Chief Justice - $160,000
Other Supreme Court Justices - $155,000
Appellate Judges - $150,000
Superior Court Judges - $145,000
Legislators - $24,000

The Az Legislature’s most recent report from 7/20/13, states that as of that date, there was still no change in salaries to the elected officials. Look under “Historical Spending”

BALLOTPEDIA *The Encyclopedia of American Politics reports on Arizona state government salaryopens a new window.


"Salary adjustments for state employees since FY 2002 I/."

BALLOTPEDIA *The Encyclopedia of American Politics |

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