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Digital Media Help

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The Arizona State Library has a FREE Tech Help phone line. They are here to help you from Monday–Friday, 9:00 am–8:00 pm. In your message, please indicate a time that is best to reach you. Your options for making an appointment:

  • Call or text the phoneline at ‪(602) 529-1519.
    Leave a message and they will call you back as soon as they are able, or at the time that you request.
  • Email‬
  • Complete this form to make an appointment and share some background information about your question/need/issue.

Library staff around the state will help you with:

  • computer basics
  • help with computers
  • help with devices, like smartphones and tablets
  • finding internet service offers in your area
  • getting things done online such as where to go for unemployment forms, online banking, distance learning, creating an online shop
  • using your smartphone as a hotspot wireless network
  • using the internet to stay connected to family and friends
  • accessing library online resources and digital media
  • ...and more!

Get Support with Specific Digital Media Services

The Library subscribes to these services, which are supported by the companies that offer them. The companies offer tech support beyond what library staff can help you with. Since every device is a bit different and works differently with each service, library staff and our Infoline can only offer limited technical assistance by phone, email, and in person.

The best way to get help is by contacting the experts listed below.

The companies below are the only ones who can help you with:

  • Account problems
    • Login issues, especially if you have logged in and used the service before
    • Missing or missed holds
    • Missing titles
    • Due date issues
  • Technical problems of any sort including:
    • Problems with the app
    • Titles that don't download
    • Titles that don't work properly on your device
    • Titles that have content errors, such as missing chapters

OverDrive / Libby App

eBooks, eAudiobooks, Comics, Graphic Novels, Magazines, Streaming Video

New to OverDrive or the Libby app?
Go to Getting Started and select the device you want to use.

Get Help or Tech Support

RBdigital audiobooks, comics, graphic novels, and magazines have transferred to OverDrive

Video Streaming Services

Kanopy and Kanopy Kids

RBdigital Streaming Video

RBdigital Tech Support:

Music from Freegal

  • FAQs - Start here for any technical issue
  • Freegal Support Form - Log in and you will see a link to Freegal Music Support

Language Learning from Pronunciator

Digital Media FAQs

  • Please see our Digital Media Help page for information about support for eBooks, downloadable audiobooks, streaming video, magazines, and music.

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  • In some cases, you'll need software to get started. The services also have apps you can use.

    OverDrive - eBooks, audiobooks, movies, magazines, comics, graphic novels

    Freegal Music

    • Download and stream songs in browser on a computer or mobile device
    • Stream or download using the app: App downloads

    RBdigital Streaming Video - Acorn TV, Qello Concerts, IndieFlix

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  • OverDrive allows early returns for most items. 

    See OverDrive's Help pages:

    You can return titles using the app or software that you used to download them. Here are specific steps for:

    In the Libby app:

    • Go to your Shelf.
    • Click Manage Loan next to the book cover.
    • Click Return Early.

    If you haven't yet downloaded your item:

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  • Option 1: Get a Library Card online

    You can get a card without coming in to the Library. Apply for an eCard online!

    Your eCard will give you access to all of our eBook and digital audiobook services.

    Option 2: Get access to OverDrive by signing up for OverDrive Instant Access

    If you want to use OverDrive for eBooks and digital audiobooks, you can do so by signing up for OverDrive Instant Access using your mobile phone number.

    If you have a regular library card or an eCard, you do not need to sign up for OverDrive Instant Access. You already have access to OverDrive.

    • Go to the Overdrive page:
    • Where it says "Log In," you will get the prompt to either enter your card information or enter your mobile number to gain instant access to OverDrive materials.
    • The billing address of the mobile phone needs to be within Pima County. 

    You will also be prompted with the same message the first time you log into the Libby app

    If you'd rather not get a card, here are some options for eBooks you can read online without a library card.

    Option 3: Free eBooks online

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  • To watch AcornTV

    To watch Acorn TV, you must go through the library portal for Acorn TV. If you go directly to AcornTV, you cannot connect to the Library's subscription.

    Please follow these steps:

    1. Create an RBdigital account if you do not yet have one.      
    2. Log in to your RBdigital account in a browser on any device - smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC. You cannot do this step on your TV. You must use a browser.
    3. Then you can watch AcornTV on the device or add it to your Roku (see below).

    What is the 7-day pass?

    AcornTV issues a 7-day pass when you log in. 

    This means that you will have to log in to your RBdigital account in a browser every seven days (or when you want to watch again, if more than 7 days later) to renew your library access.

    Please do not be confused by the "Sign up" notice. You do not have to sign up again, so please do not click on Start Free Trial. 

    You simply use the regular Log In and login using your RBdigital account login and password to get going again.

    Watching on your Roku

    To watch Acorn TV via your Roku device, you will need to first go through the library portal for Acorn TV. Then follow these steps:

    1. Create an RBdigital account if you do not yet have one.
    2. Log in to your RBdigital account in a browser on any device - smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC.
    3. Then add the AcornTV channel to your Roku and watch normally.

    AcornTV issues you a 7-day pass when you log in. You’ll have to log in to your RBdigital account in your browser every seven days to renew your library access.

    You don't have to sign up again, so please do not click on Start Free Trial. Just use the regular Log In and login with your RBdigital account to get going again.

    Screenshot of AcornTV screen with information about 7 day pass

    If you’ve already added the AcornTV channel to your Roku, make sure that it is attached to the same email account that your RBdigital account was created with, or you won’t be able to link them.

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  • OverDrive / Libby doesn't have parental controls, but you can limit your browsing and searching to content intended for specific audiences.

    In the OverDrive website in your browser:

    To set your content preferences, open OverDrive in a browser, not the Libby app.

    1. Go to the Library's OverDrive page at
    2. Log in with your library card number and PIN
    3. Go to My Account, then Settings
    4. Scroll down to Content Preferences and select the types of content you want to see when browsing or searching the collection.

    In the Libby app:

    To set an audience preference for searching/browsing:

    1. Open the Libby app
    2. Tap Preferences at the top of any search or browse screen (not in your Shelf).
    3. Choose one or more Audience filters.
    4. Tap Apply Preferences.

    You can also visit your library's kids section in Libby:

    1. Open the Libby app
    2. Tap Explore on your library's home screen in Libby
    3. Then select Guide: Kids

    This takes you to the Library's OverDrive Kids collection. There is also a collection for teens.

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  • Media Do eBooks are available in OverDrive's Libby app. Media Do is simply a different format for eBooks.

    You can browse and borrow them alongside the rest of your digital collection directly in the Libby app. Once borrowed, these titles appear on your Shelf in Libby. When you go to read them, they will open in a browser window using Media Do's browser-based eBook reader. 

    A few additional details:

    • You can filter lists and search results down to just Media Do titles by setting a Preference or using the Refine option in Libby.
    • Media Do’s browser-based eBook reader is specifically designed to display content with special formatting, like graphic novels and books that read right-to-left.
    • Media Do eBooks require an internet connection and can’t be downloaded for offline use.

    Check out this help article for more information about Media Do eBooks in Libby

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  • Reading Arizona is a free, statewide eBook service.

    You will have to create an account separately from your Pima County Public Library account and from your OverDrive account.

    Here are the instructions for setting up this account.

    Here is the information on reading these eBooks in an app and more information on checking out and returning ebooks.

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  • Shouldn't digital mean that anyone can get a book at any time?

    This can be a hard issue to explain for libraries. Publishers of econtent (eBooks and downloadable audiobooks) have control over how they license their books to libraries and library vendors like OverDrive.

    This site, created by the Canadian Urban Libraries Council, explains the issue very well. While this site is Canadian, this is a universal issue in libraries. We invite you to visit this site to learn more about this issue.

    You may have to place a hold on an eBook to be put on the waiting list. There are some titles that have unlimited copies available.

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  • OverDrive Read allows you to read eBooks in your browser without downloading any software. It's compatible with most browsers on computers, tablets, and smartphones.

    It's convenient because you can start reading the eBook right away.

    You can either read the eBook while connected to the Internet or read it offline by clicking the download button. If you download it, you should bookmark it to get back to it easily.

    Read more about OverDrive Read.

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