Digital Media Help

Digital Media Help

Get Support with Specific Digital Media Services

The Library subscribes to these services, which are supported by the companies that offer them. The companies offer tech support beyond what library staff can help you with. Since every device is a bit different and works differently with each service, library staff and our Infoline can only offer limited technical assistance by phone, email, and in person.

The best way to get help is by contacting the experts listed below.

The companies below are the only ones who can help you with:

  • Account problems
    • Login issues, especially if you have logged in and used the service before
    • Missing or missed holds
    • Missing titles
    • Due date issues
  • Technical problems of any sort including:
    • Problems with the app
    • Titles that don't download
    • Titles that don't work properly on your device
    • Titles that have content errors, such as missing chapters

Need in-depth personalized help? Call the Digital Navigators!

The FREE Tech Help phone line is open Monday–Friday, 9 am–6 pm.

  • Call or text the phoneline at ‪(602) 529-1519.
    Leave a message and they will call you back as soon as they are able, or at the time that you request.
  • Email‬
  • Complete this form to make an appointment and give information about your question/need/issue.

Try an online tutorial! Browse through tech help videos on digital media from the library, how to use a computer or device, or using Gmail or Zoom.

Digital Navigators will help you with:

  • computer basics
  • help with devices, like smartphones and tablets
  • finding internet service offers in your area
  • help with unemployment forms, online banking, distance learning, creating an online shop
  • using your smartphone as a hotspot wireless network
  • using the internet to stay connected to family and friends
  • accessing library online resources and digital media
  • ...and more!

Read more about Connect Arizona Digital Navigators.

OverDrive / Libby App

eBooks, eAudiobooks, Comics, Graphic Novels, Magazines, Streaming Video, IndieFlix, Qello Concerts

New to OverDrive or the Libby app?
Go to Getting Started and select the device you want to use.

Get Help or Tech Support

Libby App

Get Help directly inside the app!

  • Open the Libby app
  • Click on the Libby icon at the center bottom of the screen
  • On the panel that opens on the right, touch Get Some Help


eBooks, eAudiobooks, Comics and Graphic Novels, Streaming Movies and TV, Music

Kanopy and Kanopy Kids Streaming Video

Freegal Music - Downloads and Streaming

  • FAQs - Start here for any technical issue
  • Freegal Support Form - Log in and you will see a link to Freegal Music Support

Language Learning from Pronunciator

Digital Media FAQs

  • Skip the wait list for popular titles and borrow them right away in ebook format and read them in OverDrive or the Libby app! How it works:
    • You can check out one Lucky Day ebook at a time. Once you return one, you can immediately check out another.
    • Titles check out for one week only.
    • No reserves, no renewals on Lucky Day ebooks.
    • Check out the title, then read it how you prefer - OverDrive website, Libby app, send to Kindle, etc.
    About the collection:
    • Lucky Day titles are exclusively ebooks, not any other format.
    • You'll find fiction titles for adults and teens.
    • Title availability is going to change constantly, just like our Lucky Day print items.
    • Lucky Day ebooks are only available in OverDrive; they are not available in Hoopla.
    Get the Libby app.

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  • Hoopla has eBooks, eAudiobooks, comics and graphic novels, streaming movies and TV, magazines, and music.

    Checkouts per month: 5

    Running out of checkouts? Try Binge Passes or Hoopla Bonus Borrows

    What's in Hoopla?

    Getting started with Hoopla

    Use these resources to get going.

    Get the app

    Apple Store | Google Play | Amazon

    What devices work with Hoopla?

    See a full list at the  Hoopla Help site. Click on Supported Devices to see full list.

    Using a Kindle Fire? Hoopa works with Fire OS 5.0.0 and newer:

    • 4th Generation (2014): Kindle Fire HD 6”, Fire HD 7", Fire HDX 8.9”
    • 5th Generation (2015): Kindle Fire
    • 6th Generation (2016): Kindle Fire HD 8”
    • 7th Generation (2017): Kindle Fire 7”, Fire HD 8", Fire HD 10”
    • 8th Generation (2018): Kindle Fire HD 8"

    Collective daily borrow limit

    Hoopla is a cost per use model, which means that the Library pays a small fee each time an item is borrowed. Our budget is not unlimited, so we've had to place a 5 per month borrow limit per cardholder. In addition, to keep the cost of Hoopla within the Library's budget, we have a daily borrow limit.

    On occasion you might run into the following error message, even if you have monthly borrows left.

    The collective daily borrow limit set by your library has been reached and will be reset at midnight. Please browse and add titles to favorites so you can easily access them after midnight.

    This message means that the Library as a whole has hit our daily limit. The limit resets the following day, so check back after midnight to check out your title. We know this is an inconvenience for you. We wish we could keep everything unlimited, but simply do not have the budget to do that. 


    If you have technical problems, please contact Hoopla Support.

    By email: Send help request to Hoopla Support

    If you see this error message:

    Sorry, it appears that something is wrong with your library card or PIN. Please double check your info in settings and if you still have issues contact your local library at 520-791-4010 for support.

    Try this:

    • From the Hoopla website: Log in and click Settings in the upper right. Click Library Settings.
    • From the iOS app: Tap the Settings icon in the upper-right corner. Tap Library Settings.
    • From the Android app: Tap the Menu icon in the upper-right corner. Tap Settings.

    Once there:

    • Confirm you have selected Pima County County Library.
    • Reenter your library card number and PIN.
    • Click Save.

    If that doesn't solve the problem, please send a help request to Hoopla Support.

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  • We now offer ebooks, digital audiobooks, digital comics and graphic novels, streaming movies and TV, and streaming music via Hoopla. Every cardholder has five (5) checkouts per month on Hoopla. Your checkouts reset at the beginning of the month and remaining checkouts do not roll over to the next month.

    In the catalog, you will see items with a link that says, "Check out now on Hoopla." When you click on the link, you'll be sent to the Library's Hoopla site. You will need to set up an account. Here are the steps you'll take to set up your Hoopla account.

    Step 1: After clicking on the Check out now on Hoopla link in the catalog, you will be sent to the item's record in Hoopla

    Step 2: Create your account. You will need to take note of the email and password you use to create your account. The Library cannot retrieve this for you.

    Step 3: Choose Pima County Public Library (Tucson, AZ) to connect with our Hoopla collection.

    Step 4: Enter your library card number and PIN.

    Step 5: Account created! Read through the information on the screen, then click on Done.

    What devices work with Hoopla?

    See a full list at the  Hoopla Help site. Click on Supported Devices to see full list.

    Using a Kindle Fire? Hoopa works with Fire OS 5.0.0 and newer:

    • 4th Generation (2014): Kindle Fire HD 6”, Fire HD 7", Fire HDX 8.9”
    • 5th Generation (2015): Kindle Fire
    • 6th Generation (2016): Kindle Fire HD 8”
    • 7th Generation (2017): Kindle Fire 7”, Fire HD 8", Fire HD 10”
    • 8th Generation (2018): Kindle Fire HD 8"

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  • Please see our Digital Media Help page for information about support for eBooks, downloadable audiobooks, streaming video, magazines, and music.

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  • In some cases, you'll need software to get started. The services also have apps you can use.

    OverDrive - eBooks, audiobooks, movies, magazines, comics, graphic novels, IndieFlix, Qello Concerts

    Freegal Music

    • Download and stream songs in browser on a computer or mobile device
    • Stream or download using the app: App downloads

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  • OverDrive allows early returns for most items. 

    See OverDrive's Help pages:

    You can return titles using the app or software that you used to download them. Here are specific steps for:

    In the Libby app:

    • Go to your Shelf.
    • Click Manage Loan next to the book cover.
    • Click Return Early.

    If you haven't yet downloaded your item:

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  • Option 1: Get a Library Card online

    You can get a card without coming in to the Library. Apply for an eCard online!

    Your eCard will give you access to all of our eBook and digital audiobook services.


    If you'd rather not get a card, here are some options for eBooks you can read online without a library card.

    Option 2: Free eBooks online

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  • You may have signed up on OverDrive for an Instant Digital Card using your cell phone number. These Instant Digital Cards expire after two years and cannot be renewed.

    You will not lose your holds and checkouts if you follow these steps.

    Step 1: Apply for a library card

    Apply for an eCard on our website
    Come in to any library to get a card in person.

    Step 2: Activate your new card in OverDrive or the Libby app

    Once you have your new library card number, go to OverDrive or the Libby app, and either place a hold OR checkout a title. This activates your new card in the OverDrive system.

    Step 3: Request a merge

    Our staff can merge your checkouts and holds from your Instant Digital Card to your new library card number. Simply fill out this form, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

    Once the merge is complete, you'll be able to log in to OverDrive or the Libby app with your new library card number and PIN to see all of your checkouts and holds together in one place.

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  • If you have an OverDrive Instant Digital Card that you got previously with your mobile phone number, you will be asked to verify your mobile number with an access code when you have signed out of Libby on your mobile phone. This acts as a PIN to verify that the person using the phone number is the person with the phone. 

    The screen will look like this:

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  • IndieFlix and Qello are available in the Libby app!

    Watch quality documentaries and quirky independent films with unlimited access on IndieFlix. Watch on your computer or device, or on your Apple TV or Roku.

    Qello gives you access to the largest library of full-length concerts, music documentaries, and live streaming events, available to watch on supported devices including Roku, AppleTV, and more. Qello works on phones, tablets, media players, game consoles, and smart TVs. See all compatible devices.

    To access IndieFlix or Qello

    Once you've installed the Libby app or opened Libby in your browser:

    • Scroll on the homepage of Libby to Extras and click on the image
    • If you aren't already logged in, log in by choosing Pima County Public Library and entering your library card number and PIN
    • Click on the Open! button
    • On your tablet or phone, your browser will open the IndieFlix or Qello webpage
    • Click on Get a 7-day pass and read the information
    • Click on Continue
    • Activate your 7-day pass by entering your email - this will be the email address you use every time you access IndieFlix or Qello
    • Set up a password - please choose one you can remember, so you can use it next time you use IndieFlix or Qello

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