Google Your Ebooks

Did you know there was a new way to find ebooks at the library? Yes! Besides Library Extension on Chrome (which I talked about here), you can now find out if the library has an ebook right in your Google search! OverDrive and Google have partnered to make our lives just a little easier (well…
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Happy reading, animal lovers!

Jenn Berry manages the Dewhirst-Catalina Library. She also has an extensive background in human and veterinary medicine and is a state and national-board certified veterinary technician. She's also a self-described ophiophilist, or a person who loves snakes. In fact, she's owned pet snakes since she was 8 years old! It's no wonder then that award…
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Library Partnership Leads to Personal Success

We're so proud of Terri C.! With the help of her SCORE business mentor, she founded DiepCFoundation, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting mastectomy patients through compassion, resources, and education.  Terri's been named SCORE's national Success Story of the Month for all that she's accomplished. It's a very timely honor given October is Breast Cancer Awareness…
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