Twas the Night Before NaNo…

And all though the house, the novelists were stirring, waiting to … pounce? It’s almost time for you to start writing the dialogue, the backstabbing, the adventuring, the romance, the _______! NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) begins in only a few hours. How are you? Do you have your plot pounded out, or are you […]

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Finding your passion at the library

It takes a village to run a library. Circulation managers, pages, administrative staff, library associates, program instructors, tech staff, clerks, volunteers, the delivery team, and librarians...we all work together to make it happen. Here's one library story from Joseph Garcia, who is a Library Technical Assistant at the Joyner-Green Valley Library. He has worked for our library system for almost […]

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Ghosts in Tucson

From the Librarian Files Ghosts in Tucson This list of reported sightings of ghosts and unexplained phenomena in Tucson was gathered from media reports and books on the subject. (It's not a complete list of all reported sightings.) Bank of America 902 N. Stone Avenue. The ghost of a bearded man has been seen in […]

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Working at the library, giving back to the community

This article by Library Technical Assistants Reyes Suarez and Leland Murray was originally published in the Arizona Daily Star on October 25, 2015. Reyes’s story I started working at the library not long after graduating high school. I had participated in a youth nonprofit called Voices, Inc. where they taught us journalism and photography skills. […]

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The Budos Band

I'm a fan of '70s cop dramas and funk music. These two loves do not often intersect, but with the latest release from Staten Island's Budos Band, I'm in '70s heaven, groovin' to sounds that seem to jump straight out of an episode of Kojak. The Budos Band have been around a while, and with […]

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Reading Coaches Needed!

Literacy Connects is looking for dedicated, passionate volunteers to become Reading Coaches! The Reading Seed program of Literacy Connects is looking for community volunteers to work one-on-one with elementary students to help them improve their reading skills and develop a love for reading. Literacy Connects provides their tutors with the training and materials tutors need […]

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