Love Letter to My Library: Anthony Ramos

We're grateful to Anthony Ramos for taking the time to submit this Love Letter.

Dear Friends at Murphy-Wilmot Library, 

A staff member by the name of Carmella Harmon served in a critical role to enhance and improve not only my résumé but also provided assistance with job searches and most importantly gave me a sense of self-confidence that was at the time truly needed

Carmella treated me with respect regardless of my background, she motivated me to aspire for bigger and better things in my career and finances. She showed a genuine interest in my desire to improve and proved it by the time she was willing to invest in me. 

As a result I was offered a teaching job and a salary that surpassed all previous jobs. It is programs like Job Help and people like Carmella that give the hope that is oftentimes needed in today's tough economy.  I am truly grateful to those who provide Job Help, including Carmella Harmon, an amazing individual. 


Anthony Ramos

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