Happy reading, animal lovers!

Jenn Berry manages the Dewhirst-Catalina Library. She also has an extensive background in human and veterinary medicine and is a state and national-board certified veterinary technician. She's also a self-described ophiophilist, or a person who loves snakes. In fact, she's owned pet snakes since she was 8 years old!

It's no wonder then that award winning author (she was named a 2015 Finalist for the National Book Awards) Sy Montgomery decided to check in with Jenn on all things reptile for her new book, Tamed and Untamed: Close Encounters of the Animal Kind.

The chapter draws from a piece called "Are we born with a fear of snakes?" that Montgomery wrote for The Boston Globe late last year. In it, Jenn has much to say about snakes, including shedding light on the common misconception that snakes are just "stupid automatons." Of snakes, Jenn says, "You can relate to them on a pure, honest level. They're far more complex than you give them credit for." 

Tamed and Untamed is here, but it's already flying off the shelves. Reserve your copy today! While you wait, be sure to check out some of Sy Montgomery's other fascinating books.

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