Three Sisters Planting

Three Sisters planting refers to a 5000-year-old method of mixed-crop gardening by American Indigenous cultures.  The three sisters - maize (corn), beans and squash - are incorporated into many different cultural folktales.  When grown together, these crops complement each other’s growth, and would provide backup sustenance in case one crop failed.  Traditionally, a farmer would […]

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How the West was Lost

All the Wild That Remains As summer arrives with scorching temperatures, a profound drought with no end in sight, and the all-too-real threat of devastating wildfires, award-winning nature writer David Gessner’s newest book on the way we live now will resonate with Westerners wondering what comes next. Gessner's account of his road trip through the […]

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Welcome to the Future

Let me begin with a little nugget of personal biography: I spent some of my formative years among people who took prophecies about the end times and all that very seriously. So when I say that Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 is a prophetic book, I do not mean that it necessarily provides an alarmingly spot on […]

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Etsy and social media

Etsy is the largest marketplace of its kind online, but it’s not perfect. Something it fails at is in helping crafters create community, or send out content marketing. In other words, its social media  tools are weak. Here are some tools you can use to augment your Etsy shop and help people discover you. Facebook: […]

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Christian Fiction – Biblical, End Times and more!

Here are a medley of Christian Fiction authors and their specialties: something for everyone.              Carolyne Aarsen - life stories Tessa Afshar - biblical Lynn Austin - biblical Patrick Carr - fantasy Susan Davis - historical Ted Dekker - fantasy, historical, end times Robin Jones Gunn - life stories Kristen Heitzmann - life […]

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