Pearl Harbor and Japanese-American Internment at TFOB

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2016 marked the 75th anniversary of the Bombing at Pearl Harbor, signifying the United States of America’s entry into World War II. Just last month, the USS Arizona Memorial was dedicated on the University of Arizona Mall, commemorating the most devastating casualty of the attack. With this in mind, the Festival committees have created a […]

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Inauguration in the United States

Black and white photograph of the fourth inaugural speech of Franklin D. Roosevelt at the White House.

Every man elected to the office of President of the United States has historically been involved in an inauguration. Sometimes, that merely includes a swearing-in, in which the incoming President and Vice President are given the Oath of Office by a judicial officer. This happens most often when a Vice President must be sworn in […]

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Stephen Foster: America’s First Man of Music

January 13th is Stephen Foster Day! Stephen Collins Foster was literally born on the Fourth of July (in 1826), which makes him a perfect representation of America in song (though that would later be taken over by George M. Cohan, himself also born on July 4—he even wrote a song about it). Chances are, you’ve […]

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What, Exactly, is Twelfth Night?

Twelfth Night is one of my favorite Shakespeare plays. Twelfth Night, Or, What You Will Viola, the shipwrecked young woman who manages a disguise as a young man (making her much resemble her twin brother, Sebastian, potentially lost at sea) garners the trust of the Duke, the love of the Duke’s lady, and the respect […]

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Read Harder at the Tucson Festival of Books!

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With every year comes a new reading challenge. Do you do them? I am a fan of the Book Riot Read Harder Challenge. I like how it always encourages you to read in subjects you might not consider on your own, or discover new authors who write in topics and genres you already read. Have […]

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11 Other Things that Happened on December 25

image of the photo taken from Apollo 8 while in orbit of the moon.

December 25 is a pretty popular day in the West, even in countries that don’t have a national religion. For those established on Christian laurels, December 25 (for most) is the day that is recognized as the birthday of Jesus, the Christian messiah. This has been a long-standing date; the earliest documented December 25 Christmas celebration […]

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Movie Musicals, Now and Then

screenshot of La La Land with Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling dancing

People are really excited about La La Land, and it’s no wonder; when was the last time you saw a musical written for the screen? Used to be, musicals were written for the stage, and others were written for the screen. Sometimes, one would follow the other; more often stage to screen, but screen to […]

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The Day That Sent Us to War

black and white photo of a large explosion with a palm frond in the foreground

Last Sunday, the University of Arizona hosted a dedication ceremony to a new memorial on the campus Mall to the USS Arizona, one of 18 military vessels lost to an attack from the Empire of Japan on December 7, 1941. This year marks the 75th anniversary of the attack on the Pearl Harbor and Hickam […]

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Moana and Polynesian Myths and Culture

Disney’s newest musical adventure story came out last week, and the verdict is in: it’s a hit! Moana is the story of a young woman who sets out on a journey to save her family, with the help of a large and funny demigod, Maui. The film is beautiful on its own right, but Disney has […]

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10 Things that happened on November 1st

photograph of the sistine chapel

I’m not sure why, but November 1 is the anniversary of a lot of things. Here is a smattering of them from history: 1512: Michelangelo’s Ceiling in the Sistine Chapel is first viewed by the public The chapel that was built for Pope Sixtus IV would probably just be any random medium-sized room within the […]

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