Library Partnership Leads to Personal Success

We're so proud of Terri C.! With the help of her SCORE business mentor, she founded DiepCFoundation, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting mastectomy patients through compassion, resources, and education. 

Terri's been named SCORE's national Success Story of the Month for all that she's accomplished. It's a very timely honor given October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

We sat down with Terri to learn more about her journey and the role the Library played along the way.

What workshop did you first attend?

Simple Steps for Starting Your Business 

What did you think when you discovered SCORE mentorship is available at the Library?

I thought how fortunate I was to have easy access to such a wonderful benefit for someone just opening a nonprofit foundation.

How has the Library helped educate, inspire, and connect you to others?

I have been an educator all my life. When my focus switched from the classroom to the breast cancer community, SCORE championed my mission through guidance and providing resources. I was unaware of the many opportunities to connect with local and national organizations that support and fund nonprofits. SCORE was a conduit and link to those opportunities. 

Having all of this provided as a Library service only made it easier for me to access those resources.

Why is it essential that the public library offer access to community partners like SCORE mentors? 

It is essential to the community because it provides a safe, familiar place to meet. The availability of online resources is of great value. The space and environment are clean and the staff is very friendly.

To our customers we say, "We'll meet you where you are and help you get what you need." How do you find this to be true in regards to your experiences at the Library?

This is spot on for the experiences I’ve had at the Library with SCORE. I remember my first meeting and thinking what a great place to converse with my SCORE mentors.  Subsequent meetings developed a familiarity for me. The space provided, the ease and convenience of the facility, the resources we could tap into at the library indeed, “helped me get what I needed!”

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

I have been meeting with my SCORE mentor at the Library for one year. In that time, the Foundation is now experiencing positive exposure due to the guidance of my mentor.

The classes provided by  library staff to tap into the donor database will be of great value as the Foundation moves forward with growth and new goals to support those going through breast cancer and in need of education for options in breast reconstruction.

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