Browsable Resource: IndieFlix

Did I say browse? I meant get lost in.

Indieflix is pretty much just what it sounds like: Netflix, but for super independent filmmakers. Sometimes, you might come across films made by directors or featuring actors you've heard of. Sometimes, you might even come across films you've seen before! (I'll be honest, the only one I had definitely seen and remembered in a nice long browse through was Howl starring James Franco...but there might have been others.)

The nature of Indieflix is to expose talented creators with interesting stories to tell. Documentaries and scripted films can be short or long, or even part of a series. Some of them are going to be available on the web--if you can find them. The benefit of Indieflix is that it is a curated collection that has been broken down into lists and features, which you can search and browse to your heart's content.

You can also make a list for later, just like on Netflix. And just like on Netflix, I'll bet your list is going to be looooooong. Mine is, and I went in looking for one subject (and had to force myself not to add things that weren't of that subject matter).

The documentaries alone will leave you adding items to your queue for hours; be prepared to set aside a day or two to watch movies that range from 8 minutes to three hours. But there are also several older and newer scripted independent films featuring some of your favorite actors and actresses, like Rebel Wilson in this short from 2009. You can also find a lot of classic films, including Westerns and suspense thrillers.

What more do you need? All you need to do is see how to access IndieFlix on our Download & Stream page, create an account, and you're golden! Go forth and explore!