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Biography in Context
Learn about people who make headlines and made history. Get the who, what, when, where and how about world leaders, singers, athletes, writers, and many more famous people. Go beyond the basics with newspaper and magazine articles, websites, and videos.
Britannica Library Children
Get the same trusted information from Britannica in a format that's perfect for kids' homework questions. It can even read articles to you! Teachers and home educators, perk up your ears: it matches up to the Arizona educational standards, too.
What's Idaho's state bird? What's a popular food in Algeria? For fast facts and in-depth info about states and countries, this is a great starting place for homework or just satisfying curiosity.
Kids' InfoBits
Kids kindergarten through grade 5 will enjoy doing research with InfoBits. Fun and interactive, InfoBits will guide students in finding information on current events, arts, science, people, history, and more.
National Geographic KidsNational Geographic Kids
The world of National Geographic for Kids comes to life on this easy-to-use website. Includes back issues of the kid's magazine as well as full-color books. Kids can browse topics such as the environment, animals, and history, complete with relevant articles and photographs.
Opposing Viewpoints in ContextOpposing Viewpoints in Context
Delve into today's hot-button social issues by hearing opposing opinions in a context that makes sense. With magazine and journal articles, videos and images, interactive maps, statistics, and primary sources, you can get all the facts on controversial topics and make up your own mind.
Points of View Reference Center
Find out both sides of the story on just about every current controversial issue you can think of.AZ State Library Access
Student Resources in Context
Ideal for middle school and high school students to research on topics ranging from history, geography, social issues, sciences, health, literature, and much more. Learn how our government works, study a country, and read about famous people and their impact on society. In addition to full-text articles, you'll also find videos, images, and essays to round out your research.
World Almanac for Kids
Get more fact-filled goodness in a kid-friendly package, including facts of the days, homework help, and featured videos.

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