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Information about the Health Insurance Marketplace health plans for individuals and businesses as available through the Affordable Care Act.

MedlinePlus Health Information

Current, reliable, easy-to-understand information about health issues, medications, and treatments in over 40 languages.


Resources on a wide range of health topics selected to bring you the best, most reliable health information on the Internet.

PubMed Medical Research

Delve deeper into biomedical research with literature from a variety of trustworthy sources.

En Español

MedlinePlus en español

Información de salud que cubre temas de salud general, información sobre drogas y noticias recientes sobre la salud.

MyHealthfinder en español

Enlaces a información y sitios web cuidadosamente seleccionados de más de 1.500 organizaciones relacionadas con la salud.

Recursos en español para la comunidad hispanohablante

Aprender inglés, ampliar su educación, hacerse ciudadano, mejorar su salud, o encontrar trabajo, ayuda financiera, legal o del gobierno.

For Students

Britannica Library Edition: Encyclopedia Articles & More

Fact-finding, research, and exploration for users of all ages. Includes articles, multimedia, primary sources, eBooks, & learning resources.

Enciclopedia Britannica Escolar

¡Busca, discubre, y explora la enciclopedia Britannica en español! Busca a niveles de lectura Primaria y Secundaria.

Gale in Context: Elementary (Kids InfoBits)

A fun and interactive tool for kids K–5 to find info on current events, art, science, people, history, & more. Translate to 12 languages.

Gale in Context: Middle & High School Research

Middle and high school students can research topics like history, geography, social issues, health, literature, science, and more.

Courses, Tutorials, and Exercises

Khan Academy Online Courses

Free world-class education for anyone anywhere with thousands of courses that span humanities, computer science, test prep, and more.

Udemy Online Courses by Gale

Udemy offers thousands of video courses in business, technology, design, health, & the arts. Take English courses in 13 native languages.

Universal Class: 500+ Online Courses

With 500+ courses on topics from conflict management to baking essentials, you can spend countless hours learning to your heart’s content.

Kiss and Tell?

June 22 is National Kissing Day, so get your romantic read on with one of these smoochable YA novels. XOXOXO.

More Health & Wellness Online Tools

Academic OneFile – Journals Library

Find millions of academic journal articles that cover all kinds of topics, including science and technology, medicine, the arts, & theology.

All of Us Research Program (National Institutes of Health)

The All of Us Research Program's ultimate goal is to accelerate research and improve health. It's a national research resource.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The home of all government maintained information about health and safety issues, as well as healthy living and emergency preparedness.

ClinicalTrials.gov (National Library of Medicine)

Find clinical studies around the world, including actively recruiting studies or new interventions/treatments that are being considered.

Gale General OneFile – Newspaper and Magazine Articles

Curious what's happening in the world? General OneFile is your one-stop source for popular articles on almost any topic you can think of.

Get Covered America

Find free help to apply for health care insurance from a local expert. Search by using your zip code to find nearby assistance.

Global Issues in Context

Get the latest information about current events happening all over the world, including videos, podcasts, interactive graphs, and maps.

Kanopy Streaming Video: Health & Wellness Collection

Stream documentaries on health, sports & fitness, mental health, death & dying, addiction, and more.

MAP: Making Action Possible for Southern Arizona

Data & analysis about economics, education, health, infrastructure, place, & the workforce to find funding and make business decisions.

MasterFILE Complete – Magazines, Journals, & Photos

Have a paper due about a serious topic? Want to know every fact there is about someone? Has an extensive collection of photos, maps & flags.

Mayo Clinic

Research medical ailments, procedures, and trials, as well as people in the medical field.

National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health

Provides information about complementary health products and practices, including acupuncture, herbs, homeopathy, and more.

National Institute on Aging (formerly NIH Senior Health)

Health and wellness information geared specifically toward older adults.

PDR Prescribers' Digital Reference

This site provides up-to-date information about prescription drugs.

PubMed Medical Research

Delve deeper into biomedical research with literature from a variety of trustworthy sources.

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