Channel that creative spirit and write on!

Have you heard of author Dillon Hellbig? If not, check out this recent news article about him! Dillon is in second grade, and he recently wrote and illustrated his own book. He also snuck his creation into the stacks at his local library in Boise, Idaho. When the librarians found it, they were so impressed that they added Dillon’s book to the library’s collection of graphic novels. Since then, Dillon’s book about time travel and holidays has become so popular that there is a waiting list of people waiting to check it out.

Are you inspired by Dillon’s story? Or do you know a kid, tween, or teen who is interested in writing? If you are a young writer, one great way to share your writing (without sneaking books into the stacks) is through the Pima County Library’s Story Sketches! To make a story sketch, write your own original short story (up to 500 words long), and submit it to the library. You can also illustrate your story if you choose to, but it’s not required. Check out story sketches by other young writers on either the Story Sketches page or the PCPL Kids YouTube page.

Looking for even more inspiration? The Pima County Library catalog has lots of great offerings for young people who are interested in writing their own stories, poems, and even songs. We hope that they will inspire young writers to follow in Dillon’s footsteps (except for the sneaking books into the stacks part)!

Write Your Own Story!

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