Learn about National Constitution Day, September 17th

Did you know that September 17th is National Constitution Day? On this date in 1787 the Founding Fathers of the United States signed the Constitution.

The U.S. Constitution created the framework for our U.S. government that is still in use today, over 250 years later. This document contains the Bill of Rights, some of our most important rights, like the right to free speech and to practice our religion of choice. Many kids will recognize the first words of the Constitution, some of the most famous words ever written: “We the people…”

If your kids are learning at home and have an assignment from school about the Constitution during this time, here are some resources you can use. Even if they aren’t assigned anything and would like to dive into learning about our Constitution, these resources can help get you started!


The U.S. Constitution

The U.S. Constitution

The U.S. Constitution


The Making of the American Constitution: Short video about the circumstances surrounding writing the Constitution

The United States Constitution and Bill of Rights: Five-minute-long video about the writing of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights

3 Minute Guide to the Bill of Rights: Three-minute video about the Bill of Rights

E-Library: Free Online Tools

Free online tools you can access from anywhere with your library card!

United States Constitution (Elementary School) 

United States Constitution (Middle and High School)

Britannica Online offers great info for different ages. It includes everything from the history that led to the Constitutional Convention to the Amendments. 

Constitution and the Bill of Rights (Middle and High School) 

U.S. History in Context includes 103 biographies, 91 primary sources, 950 reference articles, 129 audio files, 8 videos, 10 images, and much more. Great for tweens and teens!

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