History of Pima County Public Library

Carnegie Library, front view, circa 1905

For more than 100 years, Pima County Public Library has been here for people just like you. Today, in our libraries, online, or out in the community, our dedicated staff and volunteers are here to help you find what you're looking for. Every day we're making our mission a reality by educating, connecting, and inspiring people. Headquartered in […]

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Love Letter to My Library: Janice Knepfel

Photo of Janice Knepfel and her family

We're grateful to Janice Knepfel for taking the time to submit this Love Letter. Dear Woods Memorial Library, You know that feeling you get when you think about a wonderful time, place, or friend you used to know. Yeah, that wistful feeling, the feeling that you belong and you are exactly where you want to be. […]

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February is Black History Month. How Did It Begin?

Little girl showing thumb up. American flag on the front

February is Black History Month. Where to start? In this blog post, we'll be exploring the history of Black History Month itself. And there's plenty more to learn about at the library! Explore biographies of noteworthy African-Americans in our E-Library! We have so many blogs and lists highlighting great books, movies, and other pertinent library resources. Start on […]

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Tweens vote for their favorite book series

harry potter book next to jar of jellybeans, candle, and feather

If you ever think that kids today don’t read or don’t care about books, listen to this story! We recently visited Old Tucson Studios for their annual Ted Walker Youth Day, with an information table about the library and our services. We let kids vote for their favorite book series. Since we were talking to […]

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Read Harder Challenge 2017: first month down


It's time to check in after the first month of the 2017 Read Harder Challenge. We've switched out regular writers - this year it will be Karen and Betsy with other folks chiming in as they take on certain aspects of the challenge. Read our crowdsourced picks post with ideas for all the categories! Karen […]

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Pearl Harbor and Japanese-American Internment at TFOB

featured image

2016 marked the 75th anniversary of the Bombing at Pearl Harbor, signifying the United States of America’s entry into World War II. Just last month, the USS Arizona Memorial was dedicated on the University of Arizona Mall, commemorating the most devastating casualty of the attack. With this in mind, the Festival committees have created a […]

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Inauguration in the United States

Black and white photograph of the fourth inaugural speech of Franklin D. Roosevelt at the White House.

Every man elected to the office of President of the United States has historically been involved in an inauguration. Sometimes, that merely includes a swearing-in, in which the incoming President and Vice President are given the Oath of Office by a judicial officer. This happens most often when a Vice President must be sworn in […]

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Banshees and Cozy Friendships


With the recent return of BBC’s Sherlock TV show, there's nothing that warms the heart this winter season like snarky detectives and their underrated assistants. William Ritter’s Jackaby is the first installment about a man who can see the supernatural who teams up with a woman who can deduce from ordinary details. Jackaby and Abigail […]

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