Three Sisters Planting

Three Sisters planting refers to a 5000-year-old method of mixed-crop gardening by American Indigenous cultures.  The three sisters - maize (corn), beans and squash - are incorporated into many different cultural folktales.  When grown together, these crops complement each other’s growth, and would provide backup sustenance in case one crop failed.  Traditionally, a farmer would…
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Now Sowing: Lettuce (Jan~Feb, Sept~Nov)

Lettuce seeds in the catalog Common Name: Lettuce (Lactuca sativa) Seed Saving Level: Easy: Perfect, self-pollinating flowers. Little out-crossing with lettuce so isolation is not a big concern. Varieties: Loose-head varieties—butter-head or Boston—will mature in 60-75 days. Loose-leaf varieties, suited for cut-and-come again harvests, mature in 40-60 days. Romaine varieties, with long narrow leaves and…
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