One Seed Pima County

The Seed Library would like to invite gardeners throughout Pima County to join us for our second season of One Seed Pima County. One Seed Pima County is an opportunity for our community to share the experience of growing, harvesting, seed saving, and appreciating one, specially chosen, regional food crop together. One Seed Pima County is […]

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Now Sowing: Sunflowers (Feb-Aug)

It's Sunflower Season! Did you know sunflowers are one of the fastest growing flowers in the world? That big flower is actually surrounding hundreds of teeny tiny flowers that turn into the seeds. Plant some in your garden and share with friends, family, or birds! Common Name: Sunflower (Helianthus annuus) Seed Saving Level: Easy Sunflower […]

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Now Sowing: Basil (March ~ Aug)

Basil seeds in catalog: Common Name: Basil (Ocimum Basilicum)  Seed Saving Level: Advanced Planting:  Basil likes 6-8 hrs of sunlight and well-drained soil. Plant seeds and seedlings 6-10” apart, cover with ¼” of soil. Germinates in 5-7 days. After  6 wks of growth, pinch the tip from the center shoot […]

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Share Your Seed Story!

The Seed Library's 5 year anniversary is coming up and we'd love to highlight you, our generous community, who's helping "seedy-ness" flourish in Pima County. If you're planting seeds from the Seed Library (whether you've successfully saved seeds or not) and would like to be featured in an upcoming article about the Seed Library by Elena Acoba […]

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How to Use Your Winter Herbs

After you check out seeds and grow your cool season herbs, here's some fun things you can do with them, courtesy of Judy Barrett's What Can I Do With My Herbs? Calendula: The petals can be used in fish and meat soups, rice dishes & salads. Chamomile: Dried flowers can be steeped in boiling water for 10 min (1 […]

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