Now Sowing: Kale/Collards (Jan~Feb, Sept-Nov)

Kale and Collard seeds in the catalog Common Name:  Kale & Collards (Brassica oleracea) Seed Saving Level:  “Advanced” May cross with other B. Oleracea members, including cabbage, broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, cauliflower, and kohlrabi. Produces seeds during its second growing season. Planting:  Kale and collards are hardy insect-pollinated biennials that can withstand freezing temps. They also…
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One Seed Pima County

The Seed Library would like to invite gardeners throughout Pima County to join us for our second season of One Seed Pima County. One Seed Pima County is an opportunity for our community to share the experience of growing, harvesting, seed saving, and appreciating one, specially chosen, regional food crop together. One Seed Pima County is…
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