Community Impact Plan

Sharon holds her Creative License library cardCommunity impact planning starts with the community as the main point of reference. We gain important knowledge as we talk with people around their aspirations, their concerns, and how they see their community.

The process allows us to learn from people about the kind of community they want to create. It provides a roadmap that helps the Library focus on responding to community needs. It enables the Library to identify outcomes and priorities that guide the work we do.

A Community Impact Plan helps library advisory board members, the library director, and staff to reshape services and programs to fulfill the community’s vision. This plan is designed to allow the Library to be responsive to the community needs as they change.

Read the entire plan (PDF)

William hold his Ticket to Fun library cardPriorities


We are part of a larger group of educators, including schools and colleges, which improve the quality of life in our community. We offer everyone—regardless of age, background, or means—opportunities to keep learning or to learn something new.


The Library is about your hopes and dreams for tomorrow—an inspirational and aspirational concept that focuses on bringing possibilities to life and helping people change their lives.


We recognize the complete person, not just one aspect of an individual or one particular need someone might have. Everyone’s experience is different, and that’s something we value. We build community and connections around that.

Annual Report Fiscal Year 2015-2016Cover of FY1516 Community Impact Plan Annual Report

In 2015-2016, three libraries were refreshed, a new teen space opened at Joel D. Valdez Main Library, we added to our Bookbike fleet, and new services were launched, including UA Day, a new website, and Culture Passes. In addition, we built a new brand for the Library from the ground up.

The impact that the library has on individuals cannot be overstated. It is the reason we do what we do. Services we offer empower, entertain, and engage.

We are proud to share milestones and accomplishments in our Community Impact Plan Annual Report.

The ProcessKen holds his Dream Big library card

  • We learned who our audience is and what is important to our patrons through a customer research study conducted in 2014. Survey data allowed us to look at how people were using and experiencing our libraries.
  • We held community forums to help understand the challenges of our community.
  • The Library Board gave us their thoughts concerning the needs and challenges of our community.
  • Our staff contributed their ideas about our mission, vision and values. We asked the question: “If our library was 100 percent successful, what would that look like in our community?”
  • As we focused on the positive impact we want to have in our community, we researched county and municipal plans to ensure that the Library’s plan aligns with Pima County and municipal goals.

Vision, Mission, and Values

Read the Library's Vision, Mission, and Values.

Going Forward

We build community and connections around everyone’s experience, supporting the hopes and dreams of Pima County residents. Because at the Library, we bring possibilities to life and help people change their lives for the better.

Previous Plan

Read our previous plan and outcomes: Community Impact Plan, 2013-2015.