Community Impact Plan 2020-2023


Library Priorities outline the promise that the Pima County Public Library gives to the community. These priorities are to be strived for by staff daily.

Library Goals provide the direction the Library will take to focus on library priorities and achieve the Library's mission and vision for the future of Pima County.

Priority 1: We are customer focused. We constantly strive to do our best.

Goal 1

We will gather and act on feedback from underrepresented communities.

Goal 2

We will achieve a shared understanding of customer service philosophy.

Goal 3

We will encourage reflection and continued growth.

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Draw-Full Summer Camp began with a lesson by Lynn Fleighmann of the Drawing Studio. Over four days, students explored a variety of topics and styles as they attempted to understand different drawing techniques through experimentation with various mediums.</p>

Priority 2: We honor diversity. We reflect, support, and serve our unique community.

Goal 1

We will develop and establish a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement and Plan with Strategies.

Goal 2

We will take services to the community.

Goal 3

We will create spaces, programming, and collections for our diverse community.

Goal 4

We will focus on staff inclusion and training.

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Graduates of Career Online High School attend their graduation ceremony at Flowing Wells Public Library.</p>

Priority 3: We are a resource for you. We provide the collections, programming, space, and technology you need.

Goal 1

We will use best practices to create inviting and safe spaces to balance the competing needs of our community.

Goal 2

We will provide the collection the community needs.

Goal 3

We will provide access to current technology resources and education.

Goal 4

We will provide interest-driven programming that meets community needs.

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Students built their very own robot from scratch in this 5-day summer camp!  S.Y.STEM Camp was held at the Joel D. Valdez Main Library, July 15-19, 2019. rThrough this fun, hands-on robotics camp students learned the basics of electrical engineering, mechanical design, and coding. The robots that they built and programmed are able to dance and complete a maze. rThe camp was facilitated by the staff of Southern Arizona S.Y.STEM Coalition.</p>

Priority 4: We will amaze you with all that we offer. We have something for everyone.

Goal 1

We will increase reach in Pima County.

Goal 2

We will connect customers to their interests.

Goal 3

We will increase employees' ability to connect customers to their interests through learning opportunities.


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On Saturday, October 19, Nanini Library hosted an extra special Family Storytime about dental health. Special guests from The First Smiles Matter Program brought a big set of teeth, and children enjoyed reading books and singing songs about taking care of their teeth. The event included free dental screenings!</p>

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