Will you buy my book?

Information for Authors

Pima County Public Library is pleased to consider recently-published books for the collection, and we are committed to supporting local authors. We are especially interested in titles about Tucson, Southern Arizona, and the corresponding border region that include local content.

Tell Us About It

Send us an email at CDOMail@pima.gov, and include:

  • A brief description of what the book is about and its intended audience.
  • A short author bio.
  • Positive reviews in professional journals or local media. Paid reviews are not considered.           
  • A link to your book’s website
  • Complete bibliographic data (date and location of publication, ISBN, edition statement, number of pages and type of binding*.
    * We are unable to purchase coloring books, spiral-bound books, books with removable pages, or books that will not stand up to heavy usage.
  • Tell us how and where the Library can purchase your book. Include information about price and bulk discounts. If the book is available only from you, you must be able to accept credit cards.

We are unable to return unsolicited books. They are treated as donations.

Due to the number of submissions we receive, we cannot notify you of the status of your book.

Author Programs at the Library

Pima County Public Library periodically sponsors forums, readings, and book signings. Participation in a Library-sponsored event is free. Authors of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and prose for all ages are welcome to apply.

For information regarding participation in an author program, please contact us at CDOMail@pima.gov.