Will you buy my book?

What we look for

We actively seek books that are written and/or published locally. We are especially interested in titles about Tucson, Southern Arizona, and the corresponding border region. We buy books for the general reader, not students, specialists, or professionals.

The best way to bring your book to our attention is through positive reviews in professional journals, such as Library Journal, School Library Journal, Publisher's Weekly, Booklist, Kirkus, or reviews in local newspapers.

How to let us know about your book

You can also send a flyer to the Collection Development Office. You do not have to give us a review copy of your book. If you choose to send one, we are not able to return it. Our librarians generally only have a few seconds to look at a flyer, so make sure it includes:

  • WHAT the book is about. Be brief.
  • WHY the book is appropriate for our collection. Attach quotes from reviews and reader testimonials.
  • WHO the intended audience is. Adults, teens, children? Parents, business persons, hobbyists, etc.?
  • WHO the author is, e.g. education, experience with writing and in the field, and any local connections.
  • WHEN and WHERE the book was published. We need complete bibliographic data, including date of publication, price (including any bulk discounts available), ISBN, edition statement, and type of binding.
  • HOW the book can hold up to library use: is it sturdily bound? Does it have pages intended to be torn out or written in?
  • HOW the library can purchase your book. We are under contract to purchase most of our books through Baker & Taylor wholesale. For some local interest items, we buy from Antigone Books in Tucson, Arizona. If the book's only available directly from you, include your email address and website link.

Send flyers to:

Collection Development Office
Pima County Public Library
101 N. Stone
Tucson, AZ 85701