How to borrow a mobile hotspot

Pima County Public Library loans hotspots.

PCPL has acquired 400 Kajeet SmartSpots to provide internet access.

  • The hotspots are filtered to allow access to educational websites. Sites like social media, e-commerce, or streaming services are blocked.
  • These do not have the capacity to stream content.
  • They are checked out with a library card for eight (8) weeks with one renewal
  • Once you have a library card, please fill out the Hotspot Request Form.
  • Hotspots can be delivered to any library for pick up. Most requests take about 1-to-2 weeks to arrive.
  • For questions about our hotspots, please call 520-594-5534 or email

Request a hotspot

Read more and fill out a request for a hotspot here


Why isn't my hotspot working?

Check the device status page on this website, opens a new window. Input the phone number, ESN, MEID, or IMEI number of the hotspot device—you can find these numbers in the display menu on the hotspot. (Directions on how to check the status of the device are included in the hotspot case.)

If your hotspot device status is “active” and you are having problems connecting, restart your computer, tablet, phone, or other device AND the personal hotspot. Restarting your devices will refresh the connection and may solve minor glitches in hotspot connectivity.

If you have multiple students trying to use one hotspot, your internet service will not work properly. Please check out one hotspot for each student. Each student can check out one (1) hotspot on his or her library card.

If your status is “inactive,” leave a message for the WiFi Hotspots Team at (520) 594-5534 or send us an email.

What if that doesn’t solve the problem?

These hotspots work through the Verizon cell towers. If there is no Verizon coverage in your area, or if there is a temporary outage in your area affecting Verizon cell phone service, you will not be able to connect to the Internet with your hotspot.

You can also check for additional service interruptions from Kajeet at:

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