Personalized Reading Recommendations

Caught up on books by all your favorite authors? Not sure what to read next?

We can help! Use our Personalized Reading Recommendations service to request recommendations from your own Personal Reading Assistant and get an annotated list of three to five (3-5) books catered to your interests.

Step One

Choose a Personal Reading Assistant based on your needs and interests, or choose either the “none of these” or “surprise me!”

(If you choose the last two, fill out the rest of the form as thoroughly as possible, and include what genres or topics interest you under "Anything else you'd like us to know?")

Some of these assistants have very broad knowledge of the world and its literature, while others are a little more…focused. Whatever you need, we can *usually* find something for you!

Step Two

Fill out the form as thoroughly as possible so we can definitely get books to you. You'll get an annotated list of recommendations, and you can do whatever you want with them.

Once your form is submitted, your Personal Reading Assistant will email you the list of recommendations within a week or two.

And you’re done!

¡Leer en Español!

Podemos recomendar libros en español para todas las categorías. Solo pida “libros en español” en el recuadro al final del formulario.

Your Personal Reading Assistants

Kid Kat

Kid Kat Reads! If you have a young reader who's already blown through the 800 books in the most popular series (seriously, how did they read all those books already??), Kid Kat can find some cool new stories to keep them occupied.

Do you have a little one who is a budding reader? Or a child that’s mesmerized by picture books? Kid Kat is your recommender!

Picture books, early chapter books, or animal facts—anything a kid may want to read.

Biblio Amigos

Best buds Ren and Frida are always up for an adventure! Are you looking for books that center around an epic quest, mythology, and exploration? Or maybe a mystery steeped in a historical setting? What about friendship, identity, and growing up?

The Biblio Amigos can help you discover your next great tween read!

Unforgettable trilogies, graphic novels, or Minecraft manuals, Ren and Frida have got you covered.


Aphrodite Jenkins

Miss Aphrodite Jenkins loves love! She would love to recommend a romance—a guaranteed happy ending to brighten your day.

Think you’ve read all the romance? Think again! She’ll take you on a deep dive to some delectable reads.

She can recommend for all ages and levels of heat. Looking for warm fuzzy stories without romance? She’s a sucker for those, too.


Cy Clopedia, PhD

Cy knows all the things. Cy is as entertained by an in-depth book about climbing Everest as a book about military history in the U.S.

If it happened in the real world, Cy can find you a book about it—memoir, history and biography, social and cultural discourse, sports, music, and much more!

Cy is not stumped by much, so will you be the one to find a topic so obscure she can’t find you something to read?

Mr. E

The Mysterious Mister wants to help you find the answer to the question: Who did it? And why did it happen?

Don’t like blood, don’t worry! Mr. E knows some cozy whodunits.

Would you rather your crimes were gruesome? That’s great, because he can find something for you, too.

If it involves a mystery, thrills, or adventure of any kind, Mr. E. is the recommender for you.


Want YA Fantasy? LGBTQ stories? Non-romantic YA?

Ursula can help you, Darling. They are acquainted with the magical, the wondrous, the queer, and the fantastic.

If you need a story about the joys and heartbreak of youth or the epic journey to save the world, Ursula will guide you to the thing you need.

Dr. Luc Ingbach

If your idea of good time is to visit the past through an engrossing story, the Perspicacious Professor of the Past can lead you towards historical fiction of all kinds.

Prefer the present? Dr. Ingbach has kept up with modern times and will be your guide to fiction from around the world. Why, a translated book is one of his favorite things! The good Doctor has seen much of the world over his many years and will introduce you to all the best places.

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Personalized Reading Recommendations

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