How the library uses your email address

Opt-in eNewsletters

Library eNewsletters

We have a new system that allows us to send out eNewsletters about your favorite library! These eNewsletters will feature events, staff pick lists, and services available at libraries near you. Be the first to know what’s happening at your library!

Sign up now, and when your favorite library starts sending out their eNewsletter, you’ll be ready to go!

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Ignite Business and Grants eNewsletters

We also offer two industry-specific newsletters as part of our Ignite services:

  • Business Tools & Resources Email Newsletter
  • Grant Opportunities Email Newsletter

You must sign up if you want to receive these eNewsletters.

Automated Emails and eNewsletters

Email Notices about Your Account

When you give us your email address and tell us you want email notices, we add it to your cardholder record, so that we can contact you about your account.

We use your email to send out these account notifications:

  • Items on hold are ready to pick up
  • Holds you had on your account are cancelled
  • Items you have checked out are coming due soon, and we will try to renew them for you
  • Items you have checked out are one day overdue
  • Items you have checked out are 15 days overdue
  • Items you have checked out are 30 days overdue and have been billed to your account

If you'd rather receive your account messages by phone, let a staff member know.

General eNewsletters

We send eNewsletters to new cardholders and established cardholders based on their library activity.

These eNewsletters feature the Library’s collections, our Community Teams, such as Kindred and Many Nations, and are a great way to find out about overall library service, events, and collections.

These eNewsletters are automated, and you can opt out of receiving future emails using the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of any email you receive.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

We occasionally send out emails to find out how we’re doing! If you receive one of these emails, you’ll be able to rate your experience at the library and send us your comments. These emails are automated and sent to a few cardholders each month.

These emails are tied to the same system that sends the General eNewsletters, so if you unsubscribe from those, you will also no longer receive Customer Satisfaction Emails.

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