To Private or Not To Private: Website and Catalog Tip of the Week #15

Are you interested in using the various tools the library website has for you, but don’t want people all up in your business? Do you already use them, but would feel more comfortable if you were the only person who had access to your lists, comments, tags, and shelves (sometimes or all the time)?

We’ve got you.

There are so many moving parts to the online catalog and My Account, opens a new window. Completed and For Later Shelves, profiles, personal tagging, lists, comments, Borrowing History; what do you do to make sure all of these are for you and you alone?

There are two ways to pull your information out of the public eye: through My Account, or when you’re adding things to those moving parts.

My Account

In the Log In dropdown box, select My Settings. Choose the link for Privacy settings on the left sidebar once you're on the Settings page. On that page, the box that says My Collections should have all the buttons you need to check in order to keep the shelves you want to mark private. (Note: don't turn off the Borrowing History option on that page unless you're reallllly sure you want to do that! More on how Borrowing History works.)

Making a list? You have the capability to make the entire thing private as well. You can lock it at its inception (on the same page you add the title, description, and other descriptive factors) or you can go in and lock it anytime from the List Of Lists, AKA My Lists, in My Account. Any list you have locked will have a gold lock next to it on the big list.

You can also make individual items private from this end. Go to your Completed Shelf (or other shelf, wherever the item is) and select Add Details in the right sidebar of any item you want to edit. You’ll get a dropdown list of options, the last of which is “keep this item private”. Check the box, and your item is private (you’ll get a notice that you’ve made it so). If you want to make it public again for any reason, just check the box again, and you’re back to sharing your stuff with the world.

The Catalog

If you haven’t already marked your account private, you can make individual titles private when you add them to shelves. This does not only include items you add to your shelves, but items you comment on as well (which are also added to your Completed Shelf when you add them).

If you ever have any questions, you can check out these FAQs that go into more detail on different aspects on privacy:

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