Share what you thought! Add a comment to a title in the catalog

Where do you tell others about the books you’ve read, the music you’ve listened to, and the movies you’ve seen? Did you know you can use the library catalog to record—both for yourself and others—your feelings about anything in the catalog (even our seeds and culture passes!)

Add a Comment!

Creating a comment is super quick and easy.

Log in from any page on the library website by clicking the blue Log In button on the top right. Once you are logged in, find the book, movie, CD, or other item you want to review.

Click on it to get to the complete details, scroll down to the Opinion sectionYour comment can be one or two sentences or a few paragraphs; your choice. Just make sure it’s relevant to what you’re reviewing and keep it family friendly!

Unless you’re just putting in a sentence or two, it’s best to write your comment in a separate document (a Google or Word document, an email, anything you can save) and paste it into the box for adding a comment. That way, you can proofread it before you enter it and you know you have it saved somewhere in the case that you lose it before you have the chance to hit Post comment. While you're there, you can also rate the title!

And you’re done, it’s that simple!

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