Website and Catalog Tip of the Week #29: The E-Library for Your Entertainment

When you hear the phrase “online resources” you might think of research databases and other things that are useful for people writing papers, starting and running businesses, and otherwise finding information. But the E-Library is also where you’ll find all the fun stuff!

Books, of course.

There are plenty of ways to get books in the E-Library. The most common (and most beloved) is via Overdrive, opens a new window, our largest ebook output. You can also see what’s available in RBDigital, opens a new window or TumbleBook Library, opens a new window, which is especially geared towards younger readers. You can also check out their sister sites, Romance Book Cloud, opens a new window and Teen Book Cloud, opens a new window. Read your heart out!

Or listen; there are plenty of audiobooks!

Movies and Video

We also have multiple ways for you to stream videos geared at viewers of all ages! There’s Kanopy, which has hundreds of independent and classic movies, short films, documentaries, international series, and other video to stream, including several PBS collections. You can find similar content on RBdigital Streaming video (which includes IndieFlix, Qello Concerts, Pongalo Spanish Language film, and AcornTV), as well. Still want more? Check out Overdrive’s Streaming Video Collection, opens a new window, which includes everything from videos on meditation and travel locations to hours of Sesame Street. You can also find documentaries, classic movies, and more!

Also, did you know you could download music videos on Freegal Music, opens a new window? They range from Thriller to the newest Meghan Trainor, and are worth two of your five downloads each week. (See more below about Freegal.)


Fallen behind on People or Esquire? Want to know what Rachael Ray is cooking? Forgot to re-up your kids’ subscription to Highlights? We’ve got those for you, in both current and back issues. And recently, we added Bookazines to the mix: long format publications from TimeLife, and other publications about historic events and popular names. Browse through over 100 magazine titles or search for articles about a particular topic in RBdigital Magazines, opens a new window to find something to read on your next break, downtime, or flight, all on your own device.


You can now read comics on your computer or device with RBdigital Comics! Check out backlist digital trades from IDW, Dark Horse, and Marvel Comics, including popular ones like My Little PonyAngel, or Ms. Marvel!

Music downloads

We’ve talked about downloading music through Freegal before, opens a new window. Have you tried it out yet? Download up to five songs a week and stream for three hours. You won’t find everything on there, as it’s limited to certain recording companies’ catalogs, but the artists available—including Adele, Pentatonix, and John Legend—are nothing to sneer at. Current top single downloads are popular on Top-40 radio right now, and you can dig through an endless backlog to find songs from decades past.

Games and Puzzles

These are more for kids than grown-ups, but you can sit your younger ones in front of a few of our best resources and set them up with educational games and puzzles from ABC mouse, opens a new window (only available in the library) and TumbleBook Library, which is available anywhere.

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What are your favorite parts of the E-Library?