Website and Catalog Tip of the Week: Lists Lists Lists!

The catalog has a really cool list feature; not only can you create your own, but you can see the lists created by millions of other people—everyone who uses the same design and hosting company for their catalog that we do. These have a very different purpose than the shelves, opens a new window, where you sort your books by Completed, In Progress, and For Later. These lists are books that might have similar themes, or your favorite books from this year. They’re for sharing and public consumption (though you can make lists private, just for yourself as well).

There are several ways to go about making a list. You can start out in the Lists section of My Account, or you can start in the catalog record for any item you want to add to said list.

Make a List in My Account

The easiest place to start is the Log In dropdown menu. If you’re logged in, you can go straight to the Lists link in the dropdown. (If you’re not logged in, you can still click that link, and you’ll be asked for a username and password and then take you to the same page.)

When you’re ready to make a list, be prepared to provide a list type and a title. There is also an option to provide a description and audience scope, but you don’t have to. You also have the option to make a list private, either forever or just until you’ve completed it (which I usually do). Any list with two or fewer items will automatically be locked, but after that, it’s all up to you. Once you have your preliminary information all entered, it’s time to create!

If you have a couple catalog titles or websites in mind, those are the easiest to add. Just click Add a Catalog Item and enter the title or creator into the search bar, selecting Add Item when you find the exact book, movie, album, seed, etc. you're looking for, or Add a Web Address and enter the URL. If you need to do some additional searching, you can use the Add to List option!

Add to List in the Catalog

If you’re looking at what we call an item record in the catalog, there are several things you can do using the column down the right side. At the top is where you put something on hold, or see where something is on the shelf. Further down, you can look at recommendations for similar titles and subject headings (which you can click on to find even more). And below that is an interesting little section called Listed, where you can click on the Add button to the far right and either add that particular book, movie, or other item to a list you have already created, or create a brand new list (this will take you back to that same Create A List page that you see in My Account).

Once you’ve added all the items you’d like (though you can always go back in and add more), you can choose whether you’d like to add annotations. These could be a few words or several sentences; whatever you’d like to have there.

Lists can be up to 100 items, and can consist of anything you want, whether in our catalog or not, as long as they fall under the website's terms of use, opens a new window.

So have at it!

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