Tell others about yourself in your account profile!

Every person with a catalog account has a User Profile, but very few of us actually use those to the best of our abilities and interests. Not only is it super fun to put together, it can help you determine the people you follow and who might follow you on the website and catalog.

What’s in my profile?

The short answer? Whatever you want to be.

The long answer? Well, let’s run through the geography.

At the top will be your username and what library you’re from, since this catalog system supports several libraries worldwide.

First, there’s About. In a few sentences, tell the world what you want us to know about you. This can be anything from your job and where you live to a manifesto on the reading habits of the United States. But it should still be no more than 50 words, so don’t get too deep into your proselytizing. The first few words will appear in your account with a “read more” link if anyone is viewing your account page, which is the landing point for anyone who clicks on your username in a catalog review, list, or comment.

This is also where you can add links to outside places, like your Twitter account, or even a personal blog or website.

The next section over is pretty straightforward: tell us what you are interested in under Areas of Interest. Media types, formats, genres, themes, anything. It will tell your followers what they might see coming through your account, or just that you have similar reading/viewing/listening interests.

Finally, you have your ratings, which you can personalize to your heart’s content. I mean, look at mine:

If you're looking at a library staff member's account, you'll also see a column called Specializations, which will tell you even more about that staff member's expertise on the website and catalog. Take these as you will, and be happy you don't have to figure out something to add to that column!

How do I create mine?

Using the dropdown menu under the blue Log In/MyPCPL button in the top right, navigate to My Profile toward the bottom of the list. You'll start out with a blank slate; fill it as much or as little as you want. It will only appear to others if there is something in the About section, so if you want people to see it, be sure to fill it in.

That's all there is to it! Let people know who you are, and enjoy yourself doing it!

Following others

You can follow other people in the catalog. Why would you follow someone? Maybe they have similar reading tastes, or they make cool lists! Want to find out more? Find out how to follow other readers.

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