Three on a Theme: Bi For Bi

September is Bisexual Awareness Month, the only time people know we exist! (That’s a joke, fyi.) Of course, this isn’t an official month, but there is an official week and a Bi Visibility Day (September 23). There have been a lot of bisexual characters showing up in books and other stories over the past few years, but that good good stuff is happening in romance, where we get to see two (or sometimes more) bi/pan people fall in love with each other. Sure, Alex Claremont-Diaz is bisexual, but Prince Henry George Edward James Hanover-Stuart Fox is “as gay as a maypole.” They have different life experiences, even though they share an attraction to similar genders. The characters in these books, however, know exactly what the other might have experienced when discovering they weren’t only attracted to other genders. If you, too, are interested in what it’s like to just have those “yeah, same” conversations, here are three books featuring Bi For Bi couples.

A Merry Little Meet Cute

Bianca, or Bee as she prefers, is a plus sized star who is mostly known in the adult entertainment industry. But when she accidentally ends up on the pile of potential actresses for a holiday movie that will be filmed in a literal Christmas town, she can’t pass up the opportunity to shift into more mainstream work. What she isn’t expecting is to be acting opposite Nolan, formerly a boy band bad boy, now trying to rehabilitate his image after an event with a couple of speed skaters a couple years before. 

You Made A Fool of Death With your Beauty

Feyi (sweet, messy Feyi) is still working on her grief after losing her husband five years before, and she’s processing it by having a lot of sex with a lot of people. When a new friends-with-benefits offers her a place to stay at his family home in the caribbean to work on her art, she takes him up on it, only to be completely entranced by the man’s father. This can’t possibly work, right?

A Lot Like Adiós

This is the second book in the Primas of Power series and will have a few “spoilers” for that book (like the fact that the characters in the previous book got together?) but you can definitely read it as a standalone. Michelle and Gabe used to be friends. The best of friends. But something happened and now they haven’t spoken to each other for years. Not until Gabe calls Michelle out of the blue for her help in working on marketing for his new business. There’s a lot of history there, but they figure out how to love each other again, not just as friends, but in the ways they’ve always wanted to love each other. 

Note: All three of these books have pretty explicit details of intimate encounters. They’re also lovely and swoony and funny and might make you cry. Proceed with caution and remember to eat and sleep!