Three Books on a Theme: Girls In Pink Dresses With No Satin Sashes

You’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, right? But what if the cover is fabulous??? I will definitely admit to being drawn to a book by a gorgeous cover (even if sometimes I miss out on an excellent book because the cover isn’t much to look at…I eventually find my way back to it, though). This is especially true for a romance cover. Romance novel covers have been a point of debate between readers both inside and outside the community, as trends move back and forth (or hold steady) with illustrated, painted, and photographed covers. But you know what? I love them all! And I’ve read some great books with all different kinds of cover design recently. But I gotta tell you: there’s nothing quite like the classic photographed cover, whether there’s a clinch (where the pair are in some kind of embrace) or something a little different. 

Here are some I’ve really loved recently! They’re all historical, and they all feature beautiful women wearing pink dresses of various shades. 

Nobody's Princess

The third book in a series (but able to stand alone), Nobody’s Princess introduces us to Graham, one of the adopted Wyld Wynchesters, and Kunigunde, a woman on a mission. Graham is not only a genius, but he grew up in the circus, and he wants nothing more than to someday rescue a princess. So when he finds the incredibly regal Kuni, he thinks now is his chance. But Kuni is… you guessed it… nobody’s princess. She dreams of becoming a royal guardsman for the monarchs of her own country, and this diplomatic expedition to England is the perfect reason for her to prove her worth. The two couldn’t be any more different, but at the end of the day, they find they want the same things. 


Lady Sesily Talbot is one of a daring crew of ladies who help the helpless—and wreak much needed havoc against some of the worst of the worst. Unfortunately for her, Caleb Calhoun, her longest-standing crush, knows that she’s up to something and has made it his goal to stop her before she hurts someone and herself in the process. Sometimes, though, that means helping her along the way. 

The Viscount Made Me Do It

They say that Thomas Ellis, Viscount Griffin—Griff to his friends—might have killed his parents. He didn’t, but he’s been searching for answers since his youth. When he sees bonesetter Hanna wearing his mother’s necklace, he uses an old war wound to investigate her possession of it and to prove that bonesetting is a hack. Of course, his misconceptions might get him (and his heart) into a little trouble…

If that’s not enough, you can also put To Catch A Raven by Beverly Jenkins on hold now, because it’s not out yet. (You’ll note this beautiful woman does indeed have a sash!) I can’t wait to read it!

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