Love Letter to My Library: Sharon Hill

We're grateful to Sharon Hill for taking the time to submit this Love Letter.

Last month, our colleague Sharon said farewell to her colleagues and hello to retirement. She had been with the Library for 21 years, and most recently served as the Circulation Manager at Valencia Library. She left us with a lot of memories and this love letter, which we're happy to share.

Dear Pima County Public Library, 

You were my first stop when I settled in town more than 20 years ago with my young family. Now I am about to retire from Valencia Library. We have come full circle.

So much of the success I have enjoyed is directly attributed to the Library system we as Tucsonans are blessed with. The Library gives us affordable entertainment, valuable educational support, assistance with job searches, and the opportunity to connect with our community. I have taken advantage of these offerings and much more. 

My luckiest day ever was the day I asked about a job in the library system.

Serving my neighbors at Valencia Library has added an amazing dimension to my life. Working to improve the world that begins on your doorstep is life changing. It is easy to feel helpless and hopeless today. Making the difference you want to see in your world is the best antidote and your library can help you find your way.

This is not a break up letter. Though I will no longer be part of the incredible family of library staff who have enriched my life for so long, I will continue to be a virtual and physical presence in the library. Though I will no longer enjoy welcoming customers into the building, I will never stop doing all I can to help my neighbors and the library that enriches them.

The library card I carry is the most powerful card in my wallet and the most valued.

Thanks for everything and see you in the stacks,

Sharon Hill

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