Love Letter to My Library: Tyler Hansen

We're grateful to Tyler Hansen for taking the time to submit this Love Letter.

Our family spent a full year in strict COVID-19 quarantine in order to keep high-risk family members healthy. That meant the loss of a lot of fun and activities for our two kids (Indy, 8, and Joni, 3). Our family would’ve had a much harder time making it through quarantine were it not for the Pima County Public Library's curbside pickup. We went to Kirk-Bearn Canyon Library twice a week, and we made daily use of the PCPL website and app to place items on hold. The kids checked out literally hundreds of books. Geronimo Stilton, Museum Mysteries, Ladybug Girl, and the Yasmin book series were particular favorites. 

When the Bear Canyon branch reopened its doors on April 5, Joni was very excited to finally get her own library card. It was what she wanted to do most of all once things returned to “semi-normal.” The experience of going back inside the building was great and something we had seriously missed. And it just so happened that the new mural on the building facade was being completed that week, so it was extra cool. 

Thank you to the library staff at all PCPL branches for positively impacting the Tucson community each day, even during a life-ruining pandemic. Megan, Martin and everyone else at the Bear Canyon branch—we're appreciative of all you do.

The Garbage Thief

Beware! Space Junk!

Lost Treasure of the Emerald Eye

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The Case of the Soldier's Ghost


Ladybug Girl

Ladybug Girl and Bumblebee Boy

Ladybug Girl Visits the Farm

Give It A Try, Yasmin!

Yasmin the Chef

Yasmin the Scientist