Art Exhibit ~ Carolina Caples

Eckstrom-Columbus Library invites you to view the work of local artist Carolina Caples. The exhibit will be on display until May 31, 2024.

Artist statement:

To be seen and deeply understood by another is a basic human desire reflected in my paintings, both portraits and abstracts. Using bold and vibrant colors, often layering shapes and subtracting values, the physical act of pushing paint around takes me on an unplanned, spontaneous journey to create and re-contextualize the lyricism inherent in the vulnerability of our human experience.

While my work encompasses the specificity of portraiture and the freedom of abstract concepts, it is distinct and recognizable. My intention is to attract those who find resonance with the pain, transformation, and hope contained in each painting—those who are willing to lose themselves, if only momentarily, in order to be found in the vulnerability of seeing their true self through the journey of another.

Images courtesy of the artist