Love Letter to My Library: Books on Wheels

In March 2023, we received this letter about Books on Wheels. The customer wished to remain anonymous, but the sentiment remains.

Dear Monica, Kayleigh, Anton—our intrepid delivery person—and the rest of the lovely folks at Himmel Park Library,

For the last several years my mom has not been able to drive nor read even large print books due to progressive macular degeneration. In the last 2 years she has also been dealing with cancer, with all the attendant symptoms of both the cancer and the treatment side effects.

Through all these trials, her audiobooks from your Books on Wheels program have been a consistent comfort and bright spot in what has been a very challenging life! She delights in the escape of a well-crafted story, which allows her some distraction from a very difficult reality. She travels far from her quiet darkened world into bright adventures in new places. The books keep her company day and night. One of her most common requests is for help choosing a new book to read from the latest delivery.

She has also deeply enjoyed the personalized attention from Monica and Kayleigh, to thoughtfully selected books that bring her the most ease and pleasure. As she no longer drives and does not always have people around to run errands for her, she has also loved knowing that a friendly cyclist will be coming by to pick up the books that she has already enjoyed and to bring her a new batch.

Her life has been immeasurably enhanced by this program, and we thank you!

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About Books on Wheels:

Library volunteers select books for home delivery to customers who aren't able to visit the library in person, and Bike Ambassadors deliver the books once a month.

If you or someone you know lives within five miles of one of the libraries below and would like books delivered, please contact the librarian: