Love Letter to My Library: A wonderful example of a person

In September 2022, we received this letter about staff member Talya A.

Dear Talya, 

This is just a note of thanks and sincere appreciation for the help and kindness you offered me in helping get my copies done both times I came to your library. I was a nervous wreck to the point of crying, yet you treated me with only care and respect. You are a truly a wonderful example of a person Mr. Fred Rogers' mother called a "good person" upon telling him when he was a child what kind of people to look out for when he needed help.

I will never forget your gentle, quiet gift and the grace you allowed me when I was so afraid. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Of the letter Talya says:

I used a tool that the library system provides us to do our work. I'm grateful to be part of Pima County Public Library!

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