Love Letter to My Library: You came to my rescue

Stephen Jarrett is the owner of Immersion Cycling. He sent kind words about Salazar-Ajo Library to the manager, Daniela B. Thank you for sharing your library experience, Stephen!

The very short story is that the Pima county libraries have been critically important for my small business and for my chance to bring bike tourists into the western county desert.

Here’s the longer story…

I started a bicycle touring service in 2019 and began traveling across the United States to support it.  The Ajo area and Pima county turned out to be a good candidate for winter gravel bike tours.  But starting March 2020, everything shut down for Covid-19 and I found that Ajo's cell service wasn't working for my business needs.  

The Salazar-Ajo library came to my rescue.  The Library's Wifi connection was stronger than all of the cell service and other Wifi connections in town.  We weren't allowed inside the Library at the time, but the Library's Wifi allowed me to work from my truck just outside the building.  This was enough to help me keep my business going through difficult times.

Libraries are the heart of their communities.  I see this in Ajo (where I can borrow books and DVDs, do research, and have questions answered), and I see this in all the libraries across North America.  I feel that libraries provide critically supportive services, and the Salazar-Ajo Library certainly counts as a major resource for me and for this isolated community.  

I want to thank Pima County for investing in its people, visitors like me. ¡Muchas gracias!

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